How to optimize the personal website to get more profit

with the rapid popularization of the Internet, such as personal website also emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. In the face of so much of every hue website, we can not help but ask, how to do personal website to obtain more profits, make oneself become a worthy of the name of the individual owners. Each of us to do everything with a purpose, no one is willing to spend free time and effort to do a meaningless thing on their own results, we do website is the same, is to make a profit in order to increase their income, so how to optimize the personal website to get more profit?

Optimization on the

website, online optimization webmaster we often say that. Our site since it is in order to obtain benefits, so our website must have little traffic and visibility, so our website is to survive and profit of the capital, or a website is no traffic, no fame, where profit. What can be done to make the site have enough traffic and fame? Here I want to say is to do keyword, the chain, the content of the site. The flow of the weight of the site will naturally go up, reputation is the publicity out. Specifically, the first choice of keywords, website keywords to choose related to our website and search for a high degree of core theme words, but words later. We have to do is every day of the promotion of the site keywords, should start from the long tail keywords and keyword expansion, then is the core keywords, keywords after sit, every day will bring a lot of money flow. Secondly, was not part of the increase in the chain, the chain is a site outside the chain of support, a number of rich enough to constantly improve the site’s reputation, the optimization of the chain to pay attention to methods, don’t hurry, a regular day for a reasonable increase in the number of site outside the chain, cheating to note, otherwise all are empty. The last is the content of the website, with the support of the chain also has content consolidation, optimization in order to improve website content quality. The content should pay attention to the content of the original, here is not to say, we all know the original.

said how to make personal website profit, many do website optimization webmaster can have such experience, site is easy, but it is not so simple to profit. Often when we line on the site, but also do not know how to do in order to profit. Or is the site every day to put in huge profits, but it is very little, make ends meet. This has been a long time, there are naturally a lot of stationmaster of frustration, let it go. Due to personal website effect is getting worse, it is to put up the shutters. So how to optimize our website, how to do, is to our website to get more profit? That is what we should do to make our investment and harvest is proportional to the income or pay more than. May is a website optimization webmaster urgently want to know. I will put my how to do the website of survival benefit to you, hope to be able to give you some inspiration. Generally speaking there are two points, namely the site and site of two aspects to do.

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