Write a website optimization scheme about before


we both face the customer or face our own internal website, doing an optimized scheme is must find their own position, and to the site of a clear positioning. The best solution for customers slightly modified the word, I mean the reason, for their own internal website to be more full of technical. How to write a clear optimization plan? Here I’ll share with you, I am a framework in mind when writing the optimization scheme.

itself is a kind of optimization, also called web site analysis. Don’t get the list to begin to do, we must first from the page structure, writing code, server and other analysis, we have to analyze the foreign from the chain, site traffic, user experience, analysis of the lack of where to do good do, speak the target more meticulous, let more of your work targeted. In the process of analysis, the optimization has already started, each small part has large articles can be done, and the optimized content is in the future to pave the way for ranking, flow.



players only know the end point in the gas move to where he will optimize the staff should first clear the site location and target, according to the target site combined with their own situation to develop targeted programs, so what is the solution? Two words:! General optimization goal is: keywords, flow, ranking these goals. In a word, the first step is to let you know what you are to do work, to what extent the termination of

is a name of competitor analysis. Plainly, we more direct aim is to go beyond the competitors to obtain greater benefits. So before optimization, can rival bottom, understand competitors, such as the weight, name the other site included, than we was good, and worse than we where. For example, is the mother of industry, I do in the chain, will go to those who do better than my website, query their link is how to do so, then where to start at a glance. The more important point is a point, I love to do is that we can get a lot of information from competitors, such as some of the hair of the chain platform, some bloggers develop, customers gathered forum etc..

second: the exclusion of hidden


fourth: the stage goal


: the first clear website optimization

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optimization scheme is clear as a clear mission plan, there are plans to do things not only improve the efficiency but also can let you in the course of the operation in the mind clear, if a Shanghai dragon personnel or team will not write a thorough optimization scheme, then the purpose of clarity on the task of a lack of a clear understanding, to start things like headless flies, the natural effect not good to go

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