Three Links way is the most cattle

2, station section Links, such as links to news columns and news columns. For example: network with news, then you will find the relevant column, including relevant sections of other sites, as long as it is absolutely relevant column then it can be linked to each other.



now many webmaster friends have such a misunderstanding between Links is home and home Links, and everyone in the pursuit of a home Links exchange, then I give you to talk about the most cattle party Links links the following type.

1, the relevant page of the Links station, including Links station and relevant article Links.


expects the Links way webmasters will be more and more love or is popular, because now many large websites in this way to Links. It summed up the following three kinds of the most awesome Links mode:

Longyuan Journal Network www.qikan贵族宝贝.cn

China Journal Net www.chinaqking贵族宝贝

first case:

we see these two sites Links is not in the home page, and pages. Keywords and "Journal" nature were ranked second and third. In this context we summed up the PR value of these is very high, and the way to get the page weight is very high.

3, the site home page and the inside pages link. For example, the other station website and your pages, you can link.

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