Who moved my weight weight to find the culprit decline

is the most easily cause site is down right often occur in Links link, in many Links, webmaster want to do from time to time to check the quality Links website, once found each other website and drop the right search engine punishment, even by the K, and then respond to, temporarily removed the from the link, the other site involved, this is a website of self-protection measures, therefore should not be blamed. When the site weight decreases, the webmaster should start from Links at the start, check the existing Links, find the culprit is hidden among them. Check whether there is a penalized site, especially serious drop right, K out by search engines included sites, impact on the weights of the website is the most serious.

two, the chain increased cheating or suspected cheating.

Links outside the chain website is search engine and focus on the evaluation part, when the number of external links to a web site suddenly increases or decreases sharply, the situation is abnormal performance in the evaluation of search engine system, which may be due to the short period of rapid buy links but did not continue due to the rapid decrease of link renewals, may also be due to the use of bulk software rapid promotion but the chain in the post deleted decreased rapidly in a short time, the more severe the chain change information is often the search engine to determine the suspicions of cheating by the key observation, has a negative the influence on the weight of the website, so the number of the chain to ensure the stability and steady increase. When the site is down right.

In addition to

maybe one day, he suddenly found himself in the webmaster website snapshot stay one day in the past, and no longer updated every day; included is gradually reduced, and even home in SITE are not ranked first; the site is included in the content of it has not been included, ranking key words in the query when. All these phenomena indicate that the weight of the website is declining, the search engine is gradually reduced the website weights, which will lead to the appearance of a series of phenomena. There is no doubt that the website weight is very important for the development of the website, can bring more high weight website ranking, can be included in the relevant content to the query in the front row in the website content, can make the website snapshot update for 24 hours, let the search engine spiders more frequently visited sites and crawl the site updated content, thereby increasing the probability of obtaining more traffic. However, when the owners found the weight of their own website is declining, absolutely can not be completely indifferent, it is the owners need to face the problem, from many aspects to find the cause of serious comparison, the website weight decreased.

, by a serious drop right Links implicated.

common causes of easy website search engine drop right related to the content of the website and the chain for two reasons, which have some details, in particular, can from the following aspects: the investigation of

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