The most important reason for keywords ranking unstable

ranking, then the title and page structure basically is to cross the border, a few days before the actual web design also wrote about the "web site optimization home page structure optimization" article, we do not know where you can look down, then here is the title, online reviews and related articles are also many I will not say, since the ranking, the actual web design are the two basic feeling before, possible keyword density and anchor text point on our website home page master is not very good, the actual web design is simple said, is not the anchor, in a discharge position on the left, is the best, and add some effects, such as bold and tilt. Keywords natural density is best, can try to do some, of course when the density is very small, we need to do, for example, less than 3%, the actual web design proposal is the best 5%-8%. The rest of the internal optimization is the content of the original, this is all very important, don’t look down upon him, the impact of this on our website is long-term, we are going to have, not to reprint, not to the original, it is actually very simple, is to have time to write something every day, the fact that the site collection is not, in essence, the actual web but as the site design included over a hundred, the basic can, without excessive pursuit of thousands, or even tens of thousands, you see those famous blog, PR and the weights are very high, included are not many, but just to find out that a huge amount of reprint, point out, the key lies in the quality of and there are many websites, reprint, many may start included, but if this continues, it will not be long, which is why many A5 rarely do the original Because of the actual design, that can do more than a few basic point, the rest will depend on external links.

Since the

first internal site must pass.

recently observed the actual web design several peer website, found their keyword ranking significantly, there are several station is to find someone to brush the ranking among them, resulting in the ranking is not stable, here I also want to say, brush ranking can be, but definitely not can use their official website to brush once, the brush, then get the punishment of the search engine, may temporarily can not see, you will find it in the long term, I will not say, why the rest of the website ranking is not stable, because of the exterior, also is the chain, the actual web design and optimization of the internal personal feeling is a relationship, but not much.

external links must focus on these points, the external connection source, the quality of the link, the link in the form of

first, the external links of the source, the actual web design that this is very important, you can compare, if links from forums and = signature and soft links, these two points are comparable, although are included, it is no more than the quality of the soft, high weight and search engines to ah if the link, from A5, the owners of the house, such a platform, the effect is certainly not the same, my website ">

Optimization of

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