Case analysis of enterprise site how to follow the consumer to do Shanghai Dragon


keyword is main site optimization, high and many Shanghai dragon in the choice of keywords is often focused on the word index, while ignoring what consumers are searching for words. For a business site, we can be divided into two categories: the simple keyword is a core of the site keywords, such as "Fuzhou wedding photography" "Fuzhou wedding"; one is the service type of keywords, such as "Fuzhou wedding photography which good" "Fuzhou wedding photography is a recommended parameter; key words, such as" Fuzhou photography money "" Fuzhou wedding photography "" Fuzhou wedding photography how much money". Keywords a enterprise site keywords, can bring the actual flow and the target user is generally so third.

(1) increase the page click on

(2): the basic content of

consumer demandThe

1. from the start, grasp the

analysis of the key words, in turn, analysis of your site, evaluation of relevant content on your site? So how do we make better use of the "where" these three words? Many friends will have doubt, my site is a wedding photography site, the site is not a public comment network class, how to use the words, not their assessment of their own


how to use these keywords: high quality

has long been a lot of optimization are the definition of Shanghai dragon is not very accurate, that is the Shanghai dragon to the search engines do see, in fact, Shanghai dragon do not look to the search engines, more for your users. One day when you Shanghai Longfeng road in the confusion of the time, not to stop the real demand analysis of your site target consumer is what. Today I will share with you, in your enterprise site optimization time according to the consumer demand of Shanghai dragon.


when we clarify the classification of the enterprise site, will need to continue on what kind of keywords is analyzed. The consumers are most concerned about. If you carefully analyze consumer search purpose, you will find the most readily available in all the key words in the target consumers than "Fuzhou wedding photography where the good", that is to say consumers are most concerned about the studio or studio offer how to evaluate.

2. according to the development of Shanghai dragon strategy


consumer concern, naturally more click browse. Therefore, with the "where" Fuzhou wedding photography on the search results, click more attractive. Look at the following example.


website optimization

directly to the "where" the word embedded page title, the highest weight, we can see that a site has natural ranked first, undoubtedly in the search for the word, web exposure more.

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