Four tips to teach you to easily select the long tail keywords

here to give you some tips lies.

is a good long tail keywords brought the benefits of the site, everyone is very clear. If we choose their own site to a directional flow and long tail keywords and small degree of competition, then bring us benefits can be said to be quite expensive. So how to choose this can bring high returns to the site of the long tail keywords

typos, perhaps is, level of education and perhaps because of habits that influence mindset, many Internet users in the search keywords appear typos is commonplace. Taobao search: search, dig treasure, Wu move back dancing and so on.


is now a variety of webmaster tools is also Oh, this should emerge in an endless stream, we have a "lazy" word. Have to admit that it is quite a good way, you do not need the specific repeat.

1, first, is the use of tools.

4, combined with the modal words, words of life.

2, use love Shanghai products to find related words, such as synonyms or antonyms.

how, what, how, how, that which is good, which is good, * * * * * * * * * brand products, the most effective way, what good what brand of products is * * *, * * * good etc.. As long as you contact life, Lenovo, the use of these words, you can combine thousands on thousands of words.

, synonyms, antonyms effect is good. For example, we put the moisturizing dry, moisturizing dryness said.

we do a good job in positioning, how to love Shanghai love Shanghai dictionary encyclopedia and look for, find out some of the words associated with them, such as a directional flow of a certain effect but also avoids the over competitive keywords. For example, acne (pimple) is one of the most common diseases in the Department of Dermatology of the beauty, also known as acne, pimples or acne, folliculitis, we usually also called acne, we put these words are listed, can go to love the Shanghai encyclopedia out related words, such as the Encyclopedia has a long acne, blackheads and acne scars. The treatment method, etc., these are very valuable, can be extended. Can also go to Shanghai to find love, commonly known as acne, other name etc..

Pinyin, English is not to mention, Taobao –tb, –jianfei –sanweishuwu slimming, sanweishuwu, novel door –xiaoshuomen, ask –ASK, Shanghai Dragon – search engine optimization.

The same

3, the use of spelling, Pinyin, english.

well, also said much, for the importance of long tail keywords to everyone is very clear, I hope.

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