Active push filed on the amount of billions of dollars in the end who is in use

, the most interesting is that the recent on-line love Shanghai Webmaster Platform activities "grab the championship", you can clearly see their website to enhance the speed of grab the number of seconds, in addition, it can also view the site of interest is using active push, grab speed ascend more or less than you. Is the so-called "know thyself, know yourself, click on the link, immediately.

web pages is timely is on the one hand the majority of owners are most concerned about, many traditional methods before we have not mentioned, Amway love Shanghai Webmaster Platform link to active push function, recently many site reaction of this tool is very easy to use, a large number of grab speed up at the same time also included significant growth. So we have to focus on.


active push function also has been upgraded version of the iterative update, the spider crawl quota cancelled, has included a page if the content updates are recommended to take the initiative to push, the effect is obvious.

we look at the specific case of a construction site after the discovery and exchange each other every day using the active push function continued to push the new page of their love to Shanghai, about 3W every day more than 95% pages of love Shanghai included, a large proportion of the increase than before. The exchange and a new novel station found more exaggerated, daily use of active push data push 5W had been included, the person in charge said before this is unthinkable.

take a look at the official data: love Shanghai Webmaster Platform main link to dynamic push tool function since the opening half a year to participate in the submission site near 10W, on the submission of data broken million, the data submitted by the average capture time early in reptiles found time for 4 hours; in addition, some new sites use the tool is a spider found that time can increase 50% so, take the initiative to push tools to make the site no longer wait for spider crawling, but take the initiative to tell the spider, so as to promote the collection of.

link: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/crawlspeed/index


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