360 search marketing methods

marketing 360 "love Shanghai encyclopedia"


love Shanghai know, Interactive Encyclopedia has good location display, this is the 360 artificial intervention results, actually because the algorithm is not perfect, 360 artificial intervention components is very large, even a lot of people think that 360 of the search results is the artificial intervention + love Shanghai search results, a this way. Whether or not it is this way, but I am sure that many of the 360 artificial intervention, and then do a simple analysis can be seen on the 360 artificial intervention is in accordance with the platform.

you may wish to try to search the long tail word quiz in 360, you will get the following results:

The In fact, the above mentioned like this

we can love Shanghai know, these questions encirclement of the long tail word, you know love Shanghai more keywords to be displayed in the search, 360 chances, for brand marketing and website traffic growth will be direct.

have to say 360 of the search algorithm, there are indeed many plagiarism, because users are accustomed to search for a keyword click Shanghai encyclopedia to understand love in love with the sea, 360 also hope that in 360 users can also have the same search habits. But the 360 itself does not have its own encyclopedia products, so it takes to bring the Interactive Encyclopedia of Shanghai made their own. In 360 a lot of search keywords, Interactive Encyclopedia the keyword has a very good display position. Almost all in the first row.

is involved in 360 artificial intervention platform

is now 360 search market share based on the ratio of 360, search marketing is imperative, because Zhou Hongyi will not be called in 360 for advertising to natural search rankings, so the optimization of marketing 360 search will be more valuable. And now the 360 search is not mature enough, it also brings us a lot of can do a marketing entry point.

search results show that there is a big problem, basically come from the same type of website, it can also be said that the 360 algorithm is not mature performance, we know and love Shanghai nobility baby will be based on the user experience to control the search type inside page website. But 360 of the algorithm is not mature but brought us good marketing opportunity.

know love Shanghai "rape" quiz 360 long tail word

is a behavior of 360 such natural to us to create a great marketing opportunity before and find a better platform in the 360 encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia position will be very stable. And because the Interactive Encyclopedia is a platform for love in Shanghai, is in the Interactive Encyclopedia do marketing 360 cannot intervene, so go marketing Interactive Encyclopedia effects will also be stable and sustainable.

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