Shanghai Longfeng combined with life

I have not entered the Shanghai dragon in this line, I think this line is very mysterious, think this is a relatively high-end work. Think that can be ranked and visited a site in their own hands or mind, that time I want to one day they can also become a Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, but never to say that. A chance, I was engaged in this industry, I can use this only on some literary skills, I feel a little happy. When I really started to do this work, it is found that a normal job, did not imagine so profound, like others before I do feel very interesting, and I feel very boring.

recently began to understand, maybe I was too deliberate, deliberately do Shanghai dragon, deliberately want to achieve what kind of effect, so the result will be counterproductive. Before visiting the forum, always thinking about the hair of the chain, to earn traffic, so don’t care about what’s in the forum section, what a wonderful content, and what things are worth learning. As a result, as I hurried through, ignore the scenery around, but it still cannot catch the last bus is the same mood. Try to slow Shanghai dragon with life, occasionally say Shanghai Longfeng content in the blog content, often let their friends to help turn things, increase website traffic, can browse the contents of the other wonderful way to leave a link. As a result.


do feel Shanghai dragon this work or do things worth mentioning, in fact are the same, we don’t have to be too strong, will put themselves in a viewer or reviewer position, we stroll in many communities, don’t wait to insert their own link, want to sell their products, finally to post was deleted, or simply the account was closed, the most serious is the site to recruit black. Of course, we only do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, only white hat techniques, so that the website was hacked or do not have to worry about. Just always do not know I was too anxious, or some aspects of not doing so well that the website ranking did not seem to change much love Shanghai snapshots are not normal, is lagging behind the state. Shanghai dragon has been doing optimization, but the effect is not ideal, which is somewhat injured.

started, most of the work is on the various webmaster forum to learn the relevant knowledge, learn how to write articles about Shanghai dragon, first reprint, pseudo original, and then began to write original. After the start of the chain, but the chain feel more difficult, do not know my method is wrong or how, did not feel better is the platform outside the chain of hair, there is no way to check. But always slow progress, when I know Shanghai Longfeng more, work will be more easily at the beginning, do not understand the Shanghai dragon, but still doing Shanghai Longfeng work, so the natural effect is not very good, often posted by the moderator delete the original quality is not high.

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