Shanghai dragon Er information search engine optimization makes the garbage should be punished

information is not accurate. In the process of Shanghai dragon chain, sometimes in order to let love Shanghai search engine can be included in your chain, then picked up the pseudo original, very carefully to the words modified, resulting in the recognition. The article has the meaning of the expression and the real situation be quite different. Most of this information is not accurate, because of the emergence of these information, so the information on the Internet is the dragons and fishes jumbled together.

The second is

suicune Shanghai Longfeng think the most trouble in the network is not through the search engine to find the content, the most annoying is to provide a lot of junk information search engine, and the garbage information Shanghai dragon Er officially make up. If these affect the user experience, so if I were you, I would allow search engines to punish these garbage producing Shanghai dragon Er website.

I think the search engine has been through the algorithm and judgment, summed up the value of some of the information, and in response to the results of the search engine. But the search engine is a machine, and then how to change will be Shanghai dragon by Er, originally the search engine is willing to see Shanghai dragon Er through reasonable optimization, in order to grab yourself to useful information, but the Shanghai dragon Er always against search engine will. Could find the most useful information on this intention, search engine and user agreement 100%, but because by some bad Shanghai dragon Er challenge, resulting in search engine results in information can not effectively meet the needs of users and search engines have a gap.

is the first garbage piles. Because it appears in some Shanghai dragon Er, outside the chain of inevitable with the top hook, so do the Shanghai dragon largely considered the chain. The ranking of the competition, these guys were extended into crazy competition of the chain, the chain of the chain you tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, each industry, race each other, so each company in each industry, each company’s personnel so each Shanghai dragon. As a result, all the information on the network such as the surging river diffuse, some is to take half the information directly adding links, there are some other articles and links with information that is purely for the chain, most of what has no reference value, and is not fit to be seen.

Er Shanghai Longfeng these acts, directly hurt the search engine’s weakness, indirect injury to the user’s heart. To curb such a situation, is always the search engine and user hope, but after all is still in the search engine, if Henzhao.

then the high repetition rate information. In order to improve the efficiency of the chain, the vast majority of Shanghai dragon Er few original articles, the most is the pseudo original, the same information is false original N times, the result is the same, in the search engine search words, although there are different results, but it is one thing. Which led to a surge of network information of the repetition rate, obviously affect the collection efficiency of the network information users, the user is always the ultimate victims.

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