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in addition, there are also FireFox Firefox browser promotion in shlf1314 advertising. General average hits about 7 times, can earn 0.1 dollars. Mainly in china.

Since May 9th,

, the founder of the team transfer of equity, Zheng Gang said, this move is showing that customers have been reflected in the broadcast industry took the lead out of a clear and successful path of development. He is very optimistic about the prospects for the development of broadcasting industry, "live in the future of the space is very large, you can’t simply see this is a uranium mine, you must see the positive energy behind it and brings to the society value".

issued a notice to reflect the acquisition of xuanya international guest shares after the reorganization of assets, this has finally come. In June 20th, Shunya’s announcement shows that the proposed acquisition of xuanya founder Feng Yousheng, Liao Jieming, Ying Ke, Ke Ying Hou Guangling Changqing, reflected as far as guest and Ying Huan Ke jointly held all honey 48.2478% stake in hollywood.

Abstract: from the early show model to today’s mobile live broadcast, it has been proved that the live market is a vast grassland, but there is a limited capacity in the larger space. The outlet of entrepreneurship, is nothing more than to squeeze the bubble, after the madness, is bound to fight at outrance.

I’m just a rookie in the Internet, as a whole is prompted by a sudden impulse standing in the network, but around half a century, was found to the site location is very important, only good business model and profit model, the website can develop better, otherwise the dead did not earn server fees here I also summarize some general personal Adsense a major source of income for everyone to share:


is playing!

from the early show model to today’s mobile live, has proved that the live market is a vast grassland, but there is a large space, but also has limited capacity. The outlet of entrepreneurship, is nothing more than to squeeze the bubble, after the madness, is bound to fight at outrance.

June 20th, xuanya announced by way of cash payment acquisition reflects nearly half of customer equity.

in May 23rd and 26, 1 billion yuan B round of financing 100 million yuan investment strategy for pepper live separately and not open Columba interactive investment;

in May 12th and 25, the panda live have completed the tens of millions of dollars A+ round of financing this product holdings, it real fund, Bo capital, as well as industrial information management, Han Fu holding investment 1 billion yuan B round of financing;

general personal website revenue comes mainly from the above several types.

if the site visits 5000 in a day. According to an average 30 Fen, click rate of 1%. The site’s approximate income is $15 a day. of shlf1314 ads. The average unit price of other ads is not so high

, who died, who lived?

two, monthly advertising. Show in pictures or words. How much depends on the amount of traffic on the website?. The amount of advertising from the customer’s monthly salary can approximate the amount of the station’s income.

May 17th, announced the acquisition of Ping An overseas holding live tiger, Gao Rong capital, also linked capital YY play, the $75 million A round of financing capital and Chen Xing Li Xueling;

if a download class website IP is 5000, two bundles are bundled. The average amount of installation is about 1/3 of the amount of traffic. It is estimated that 1500 can be installed. A plug-in revenue of 0.04. The two one is 8 cents. Then the station is about 120 yuan a day.

‘s investor, purple venture venture partner Zheng Gang believes that the integration of both contribute to the powerful combination of resources, but also help to achieve further innovation in the business model of live media industry. He said, "look at the announcement also know that there is no equity transfer of investment institutions, indicating that everyone is consistent, promising the future of customers."".

three, plug in revenue. For example, TOM’s Internet phone skype. General plug-in promotion is mainly applicable to download class websites. As far as I know, installing a plug-in can earn 0.04 yuan. Plug ins are often bundled with software. The revenue is far higher than monthly advertising, click class advertising. I have concluded that the average amount of IP downloads in the day is 5000, and that about 1500 of the plug-in can be installed in that day. The more plug-ins you plug in, the more revenue you have.

in the "small shrimp" who died and exit at the same time, capital is being concentrated in several industries head enterprises, in the live battlefield, can be called the "athletes" is not much. Since the death of the live broadcast in February, the live industry turned out to be crisp. Those who failed to hybrid in 2016 dragon river trip characteristics, forming strong barriers to start-up companies, has been the most dangerous moment of death.

four, registered advertising. Registered with eBay, headed by Taobao. General click on this kind of advertising after the station, and did not generate revenue for the webmaster. After clicking on the ad, visitors need to register as a member or buy a product. The stationmaster gains the profit. So this kind of advertising is the lowest income. Because there are very few people registered. However, the unit price is relatively high. Like eBay registered, a webmaster can earn about 12.

one, click class ads headed by shlf1314. And sh419, Yahoo, Ali, mama, etc.. Fees are usually charged by clicks. Each time because of the different advertising and unit price is different. The average click once income of RMB 30 fen. These types of advertising behavior against invalid clicks such as: your click, or click the behavior to make friends great efforts. Therefore, it is difficult for a small website with a small amount of traffic to depend on this income. The average ad click rate is around 1%.

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