Love Shanghai snapshot full resolution let the snapshot also keep pace with the times

in addition, the update speed of love Shanghai determines the stability of the snapshot site, usually if the snapshot update suck it, then the site keywords ranking situation is not optimistic. In the love of Shanghai on such a platform, the weight of the website depends on the reference of many factors, and love Shanghai timely update snapshot is one point.




each to be included in the web page, fell in love with the sea are being a pure text backup, called "love Shanghai".

The effect of

really love Shanghai snapshot role, it must be to improve the web browsing speed. Because the snapshot is a pure text backup, browsing is very fast.


1, find love love Shanghai – Shanghai snapshot complaints interface search "love Shanghai snapshot complaints

to do the promotion, love Shanghai snapshot update or not is very important, we can often see is the snapshot can only see the day before. Usually, if you love Shanghai snapshot update rules in a timely manner, that friendly love Shanghai for the site is good, when the website promotion is also very good.

snapshot Shanghai

in fact, the method is very simple: snapshot complaints

2, fill in the relevant issues, waiting for the result of

so, how to update the snapshot of the love in Shanghai? Here, small by the master to teach, learn a little trick, for your reference. However, this method has a premise – site without any problems. Don’t laugh, many people may think that the site without any problems, then how snapshots may regress? You are wrong, in the search engines love Shanghai, anything is possible, do not think that no problem there is no stagnant website snapshot.

however, many times love Shanghai snapshot is not as we would like to update, small website promotion more than a year, he met a lot of such a situation, once let Xiaobian think, love Shanghai not updated snapshot or a few days later, as updates are "normal fast backwards the phenomenon of". In fact, the snapshot is not updated on time and snapshot backwards is a normal phenomenon, we should pay much attention.

love Shanghai faster, you can quickly browse through the "snapshot" page content. However, love Shanghai only text, so those pictures, music and other non text information, the snapshot from the original web page or directly call. If you cannot connect to the original page, then the snapshot pictures on the text content, will not display.


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