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raised some money from his friends and family or got a seed wheel, many founders began asking me about financing. At first I would discourage them from going that way, and then I summed up a few suicidal practices that would dramatically reduce the chances of financing.

why should I discourage them? Because the founder often lack of awareness of venture backed companies, these companies do not know to serve multiple stakeholders, investors will set goals for their high, often distorted the founder of the beginning of the heart. Here are 5 of my suicidal behaviors:

in fact, customer development is a process from collecting user feedback, and then through interviews and structural experiments to test user opinions, so as to achieve the purpose of improving products and services. Product matching market not only means that your product can meet the needs of the market at this stage, but also in the customer development stage of continuous improvement. The pursuit of sales during the customer development phase – typically recruiting large numbers of salespeople – can ultimately fail, even though you think it can prove to the VC the market pull of the product. Good VCs always distinguish between the stage of customer development and the product market match, and you should be able to do that.

I say this is a big mistake because the team is very important, but more important is what the team wants to accomplish together. Titles aren’t important. You can put up good for everyone

sh419’s cornerstone of interest, to connect the world with interest

founders often make this mistake when they first try to finance and they’re not ready. Indeed, in order to make the company more neat, they will set a title for the team members, through a specific structure to feel the investment value of venture capital. Founders tend to think that a startup requires titles like COO, vice president of sales, CEO, and so on.

Abstract: not everyone is suitable for vcs. Today, it’s getting easier to develop a product, and the really hard job is to get users. If you don’t figure out how to attract users, then no matter how much you finance.

, author of this article is Seyi Fabode, a strategy division for technology development, currently working at technology innovation and strategy consulting firms Asha Labs. In this paper, he introduced us to seek financing in the process of 5 kinds of behavior record prices of the dead. The following is a first person narrative.

recently, sh419 raised public platform project officially settled in Tianjin, plans to spend 10 billion yuan to build all chips platform. In September last year, sh419 raised public on-line, but more emphasis on Internet banking, and investment and financing attributes of the relationship is far. However, the relative, Jingdong, Ali, Suning all the chips business has started in advance, and has more impressive results. Domestic and international product platform is gradually growing with super large, interest based platform for community development. If sh419 also play products to raise public, and its advantages inherent in the post bar for resource integration, the outlook is very good.

1. pursues sales when it is still in the user mining phase.


‘s blind pursuit of sales is one of the most common mistakes I’ve ever seen. In general, this is true: companies attract several customers, some of whom even pay customers, with very high frequency. Thus, the founder began to misread customer development, think that as long as the development of a market matching products on it.

sh419 and Ali, in 2014 has launched the financial sector, as everyone knows, BAT’s strengths are search, e-commerce and social nature, Ali first use of existing resources to raise the public, and have made considerable achievements. Products all the chips, the market began to show all the chips Jingdong, Taobao all chips, Suning raise all three points of the world situation. But we all ignore the existence of the sh419 post bar, if sh419 to do all the chips in the product, the imagination is very large.

12-18 months after

2. pretends to be "up and down",

from the dispersed "fans" to "fans" groups, and then develop a "fan culture", has become increasingly inseparable from the network. This is because, first of all, the community where the bar is posted provides a fast, targeted channel for the gathering of fans. Fans can easily find fans who share his interests". This is more effective to help the idol in the mind, financing will be easier, but also led to the interaction between fans and idols. Fans are active and willing to pay

closed communication topic brings deep interaction. Unlike many communities, the community it creates is often a very closed community. A star, a movie, or even a song. Although these communities can theoretically have more open discussion topics, most of them prefer to communicate on a closed topic, which promotes the depth of interaction. The team spirit of fans, the kind of spirit that fans like to express bravely and clearly support, is a good foundation for interest based social networking platform. If a topic related to the project on the same topic posted on the public raised, not only friends of independent propaganda ability is very strong, but also relatively easy to raise funds.

sh419 post bar is an interactive platform based on interest topics, so that people who have common interests together. Stick as one of the biggest fans gathered in the country, become a lot of companies to promote operation of the election. sh419 Post Bar registered users total has exceeded 1 billion, monthly active users of more than 300 million, a total of more than 10 million themes. What’s more, these UGC users have generated tremendous energy, and their interaction and socialization have enhanced their ties with each other, laying a solid foundation for social networking based on interest.

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