Website optimization how to better love Shanghai spiders crawl

this is certainly a priority, high weight, old, authoritative web spider is certainly a special treat, such website crawl frequency is very high, but we know the search engine spiders in order to ensure efficient, will not crawl all pages for the website, and the website weight is higher by crawling depth will be relatively high, the corresponding can crawl page will also change, this can be included on the pages will become more.

spider grab is >

web server is the cornerstone of the website, the web server if the long time does not open, then this is equivalent to you reclusiveness, spiders can’t come to. A visitor to Shanghai is also the site of the spider love, if your server is not stable or more cards, every time the spider to grab is quite difficult, and sometimes a page only to grab a part, so in the course of time, love of spiders in Shanghai experience is getting worse, on your website’s score will be more low, you will naturally have an impact on the web crawl, so choose the space of the server must be willing to, without a good foundation, good house will cross. 3. web site update frequency. Every time the spider crawling will make the page data stored. If the second reptile found the page with the first collection of exactly the same, that page is not updated, it is not necessary to capture spider often. The content of the page is updated frequently, the spider will be more frequent access to the page, but the spider is not one of you, is not possible in this squatting waiting for you to update, so we should take the initiative to spider advances, regularly updated, so the spider can according to your rules effectively crawl over, not only to update the article you can quickly capture, but also will not cause spider frequent baipaoyitang.



2. web server.

5. flat web structure.

1. web site and page weight.

website ranking is good, a lot of traffic, one of the key factors is the website included, although not included directly determine the website ranking, but the site is based on content, not content to do rankings difficult, good content can get users and search engines, can let the site ranking points, so as to promote the and expand the exposure page of the website. To make your web site more pages indexed, first let the "love Shanghai spiders, can not be included aside, only to grab first follow-up included. So how to better love Shanghai site

spiders crawl?

the quality of the original content is very great for the love of spiders in Shanghai temptation, spider’s purpose is to find new things, so the website updated article collection, not every day is not reproduced, we need the original content to the real value of the spider, the spider can get love, naturally to you have a good website, come regularly foraging.

4. of the original

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