Suqian Shanghai dragon of search engine ranking

3, how to get good search engine ranking

so many search results ranking why different? The basic principle is the search engine ranking of search words, search engine ranking procedure to work, find out from the index database contains all the search terms ", and according to his own standards to figure out what" should be in the front row, and then through the search engine the format will be displayed to the user order.

search engine ranking is by the Suqian website construction and their original all A5 first website, turn on

2, search engine ranking

through a lot of research found that when the user through the search engine search content often only look at the ranking content of several entries before, if we want to allow the user to see our website, then we need to click on the website user habits entries range, when visitors use keywords through search engines to find relevant web sites which website, if you can at the top of the search results, there is no doubt to target potential customers the opportunity to be much larger than its competitors, and thus give us better interests.

1, what is the search engine ranking

according to a global Internet media agency search engine by using the survey results show that there are around 76% visitors on the Internet search engine to query the relevant information at the same time, a site above about 80% daily visits from search engine.

we must first understand what is the search engine rankings, so what is the search engine ranking, search engine ranking suggests that we in the input a keyword, there will be a large number of search results appear.

related knowledge are the most important to share with you

in order to get a good ranking in the search engines, webmasters often use various means to affect the search engine ranking, such as through the chain, a large number of keywords accumulation, the behavior has been determined as search engine search engine cheating, once found will be punished, and even some er by Shanghai dragon the attack ranked doing a good web site, that will attack down as they can get a good ranking, these acts are not deserved, even through the way to get a good ranking is not for a long time, we must through the formal way to get good rankings, such as well the website structure optimization, appropriate layout keywords, improve the quality of website content, in this way in order to make our website rankings more durable

with the development of information technology, more and more people through the search engine to find what they need, when the user input a keyword in the search engine, there will be tens of thousands of millions or even billions of results, so in the vast ocean of information on how we can allow users to find relevant content on our website. Today, Xiao Fang came to search engine ranking factors

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