Shanghai Longfeng optimization site in the five operating points

2, keyword density

is a website to have vitality, love of Shanghai Google search engine is the same, they are very active sites that love, love in the websites that are kept in the update, if every time we have found that the arrival of spider web "

3 Update drive

a website to optimize the keywords in the page must have a certain density, of course, the density should be appropriate? This data you can go to the webmaster nets to refer to the data density: 2% = = 8%, keyword density is too small is not conducive to the optimization, it is difficult to optimize ranking go, but, keyword density is too large will lead to the search engine that we are cheating, it must pay attention to. We can look at the edge of network such as: wine, wine edge network of friends online dating dating these words refer to the same density as, good operation.

first, you must understand clearly that Shanghai is not the "dragon optimization site, so we should first optimize the web site is the home page. The page title has a very important significance in the related search engine and ranking, we must contain your keywords in the title written description, which can make the search engine to your title description, to give you the title of a ranking. Such as: I am now working for a dating website optimization, website name: brew edge network 贵族宝贝niangyuan贵族宝贝, then the normal title should read: stuffed edge network of friends online dating dating such title description, but this is not conducive to our optimization, we pay more attention to the user our website can be written by the wine margin net friends online dating dating. The benefit of this title is written, in the same ranking environment allows you to increase the flow of one or more times, because this title fell in love with the sea search results is very eye-catching, will attract users to click we all know that, in this environment, the user clicks more conducive to the promotion of natural ranking.

every webmaster in Shanghai every day about the dragon, some owners may have always to learn how to optimize the site in Shanghai Longfeng, so what is the operating points of Shanghai dragon really? How to optimize the site? Maybe a lot of people is not clear to say or how to do the optimization, it is not clear if Shanghai Longfeng operation how about going to the point, from SEO? Even in website optimization or many detours, may, to optimize a small index long tail key words are difficult to have ranked Shanghai dragon using some Adsense hard, I would like to take this opportunity to give you a webmaster about finishing the "Shanghai Dragon five operation points" this, after studying the 5 operating points, believe you in the website optimization can be said to be handy, your keywords will soon fall in love The sea, Google ranking.

1, the page title description

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