The forum can effectively improve the efficiency of the construction of the chain of simple way

method two: amount of strength. This said, refers to the amount of post forum, this is also a forum is an effective method that the general forum has a navigation module, there will be a simple text navigation next to the total number of the post will have the module number and post today. Generally speaking, the more the number of posts, the number of active forum. The more people, the more the fire. The forum will naturally be more fire in the management team in the promotion, that is worth a visit.

method five: query forum collection. Find a forum for what? Of course is to post and hair can be included in the effective post love Shanghai. Want to know the ultimate way is to be included in a forum posting is the most simple way, that is the first people to post the address label in Shanghai love check collection, included is a good description of the forum, said "not included

method four: advertising more and less, generally speaking, advertising more forum is a good forum, as to why we all know, which businesses will choose a bird desolate place to advertise more money? No place ads that burn? People must have many active forums, there are so many people to the forum is definitely a reason, follow the mainstream, not the wrong direction.

method three: access speed is very important, a youmoyouyang forum must have high speed stable server, if you open a forum to find its access speed slow, almost do not in this forum, as early as early leave easily, maybe is a person station, someone looking for a template free play, three flow outside the U.S. server. Wait a moment to urinate urgently.

method: looks like destiny. So it is not an exaggeration, open a forum, first gives people the impression that the overall design and visual impact of this forum, whether the page is a key factor to attract the eye, if the entire forum dark, thin font no new gas, no one can explain the forum management, technical content is not high enough. What do the decent thing, the whole decadent feeling away all the people passing by, this forum is a little long time stay. The post can be included little chance.

in the Shanghai dragon chaotic era, rely on the website that the original content to hold up the site’s ranking is probably in the clouds, to tens of thousands of websites in Shanghai ranked first love rounded out the tight encirclement, the chain must work hard. Not only to be ruthless, but also to quasi fast. Now the blog is dead, also difficult to solve the burning love Shanghai not included, the more classification information more strict, and the operation procedure, painstaking effect is not what, therefore, the forum outside the chain will become the mainstream. So that if you find the real effective forum resources is the key, today to sum up some small way to find a forum, I hope heroes marching do not take a lot of time to do those useless.


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