Shanghai dragon ER how to create a new high flow


: first, give a very simple example:

in a lot of time, we tend to follow the prescribed order sat daily Shanghai Longfeng Er do, here focuses on Shanghai dragon very simple Er responsibilities: website website update update! We all got some rules, but in the flow, but has no breakthrough, our products and services for the corresponding the crowd, so only when customers search for products and services according to the needs of their own (keywords we optimized) when it may generate traffic.

in our daily catch some very hot things, because of their own in the education sector so relatively this more attention, like the four level and six level, adult college entrance examination, the college entrance examination and so on. It is a hot topic, the flow is unpredictable, of course, the important thing is to seize the opportunity. As far as possible before someone else, only ahead of things that are valuable. If the information transmitted, naturally, what role does. This is the difference between total and some! This article by soft ship training base (www.ruanjsx贵族宝贝): a princess, webmaster please retain the original link, QQ communication: 1025347625

In fact, as long as the I

how to create more traffic, the traffic is not necessarily you need customers, but on your site without any harm to the brand is good, or have a certain upgrade visibility. I suggest you to update the website of Shanghai dragon Er seize the current focus, as long as you grasp the opportunity, grasp the update speed of hot spots, you can create a lot of traffic.

look, feedback on our website business:


it is worth noting that these flows are produced, but not necessarily the quantity you require, so have a certain impact on the business, the webmaster can shield the page in advance.

here is just one example of this, because our website is to do education and training, I can not say the name of education and training, so as not to advertise. As we all know, what is now the most popular topic: No. 7, No. 8, is the college entrance examination, so I corresponding in their own website and timely update the college entrance examination questions, the flow is generated in half an hour.

: Sina, souhu after the second platform and so on all the updates, ranking naturally on the. The premise is to generate traffic rankings, ranking the premise is included, included is the premise of the weight of your site. Of course you need to post your industry news, no hook is not good, also included some relatively difficult.

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