Share examples of web server instability effects on love Shanghai snapshot

Before the

dragon also recognized the importance of optimization for the web server, but not paid attention to from the thought, we always feel the station for server requirements are not so strict, as long as can satisfy the daily operation of the website can be. Open as usual today website to update the article, found that due to the instability of the web server cannot open, supposedly a normal site is seldom the case, quickly contact the suppliers to solve. We know that the server is not stable for optimization is influential, the dragon in Webmaster Tools query data found on the web site of Shanghai dragon has no love Shanghai snapshot, relevant keywords ranking also fell, included in the site also reduced 6 etc.. Thought is the webmaster tools or error caused by the cache, supposedly on the night of the server to open not love Shanghai so quickly, in many times still refresh results, finally directly in Shanghai love search engine query or as a result, the dragon that believe is true, as shown in figure

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er before to optimize website, will repeatedly tell your boss, be sure to choose a stable server to the site. Most of Shanghai dragon Er will encourage the boss choose new network or network as a supplier, although the price is higher than other service providers, but the server is relatively stable and safe, the enterprise website long-term operation. With the continuous change of love Shanghai algorithm, in order to cater to the search engine for website rankings, but also to give users a good experience speed, all cannot do without a stable and efficient server support.

before the company due to various reasons, in the choice of server suppliers or to consider from the economic perspective, the stability that the selected server is not very good. In Shanghai dragon all knew, the general judgment server good for us not only to see the server space, stability and bandwidth, combined with server prices and supplier reputation, brand etc.. Because many enterprises on the relationship between website optimization and server does not have a clear understanding, often in the choice of server always only consider.

included reducing for the webmaster, perhaps one or two small changes can also accept, next time pay attention to the quality of some articles on it. And if the keywords ranking drop perhaps a lot of Shanghai dragon will feel worry, after all, we are engaged in the optimization is to bring economic benefits, and improve the site keywords ranking is the first step, it is also a main way for us to get traffic, and decreased the keywords ranking love Shanghai does not recognize the optimization of direct work before we. More serious than the home page snapshot of the deleted, general love of Shanghai is not removed the front page of the site snapshot, even if the site of cheating is usually given right down, unless a serious violation of the rules will give the love Shanghai K station, the site will be deleted from the snapshot database in Shanghai give love. The Dragon did not think that, just because the server does not open the night, love Shanghai give delete page snapshot of punishment.

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