Shanghai railway station by love love is joy or sorrow


, get good rankings included new sites online, just love Shanghai supplement mechanism plays a role in

that said, for now we see the weight, site update is included in it is key word ranking. For >

This station is

new supplement mechanism: when a user searches for a keyword click into your page triggers new supplement mechanism in the search may be temporarily ranked at home. When users search the same key statistics record if not click on your URL or your URL click rate is lower than the rival word, your ranking will be lowered. The new compensation mechanism (when a user searches for a word, in the premise of the same hits: if you click the row in second place (URL) 2 points, click on the third plus 3 points and so on, to adjust the ranking results according to the score, for example, no one can get accurate data.

The weight of

love Shanghai has its rules of the game, the novice how to optimize your web site on how to optimize, if new sites to join, not to recommend or a period of time, perhaps the site is in accordance with certain rules and time, get good rankings, which is time to ask questions and whether the site to be search engine friendly the problem, the site will still get the rankings after a certain period of time, after a period of time is probably the sand box. So, here, love Shanghai just to let everyone know why the search engine to the railway station, so preference, let everyone know that certain rule, to let everyone know that site is not punishment, not really into the sandbox, this is the search engine rules, as long as the station to follow the prescribed order, this phenomenon as a kind of reward can like to pick up the! Another big one, himself a little excited under it.

February 17, 2014 registered the domain name website is put up early in the morning, from the choice of the domain name to the website to buy it successfully built in the server on the line and then submitted to love Shanghai, at a new site on the line, the snapshot site has more new sites at this time have a good domain name, then No. 19 site to suddenly become 1 of the weight of the station, after two days of observation weight are not out, this phenomenon is just love Shanghai supplement mechanism.

novice encounter this kind of situation, please do not happy too early

met everyone analysis and how to respond to such a situation, Peida network:

if you see this for a novice, estimated happy two or three days, feel that the original sex Shanghai optimization ranking is so simple, new online 3 days will be able to have good rankings and weight, did not feel how hard to get love in Shanghai’s favor, starting here in the network of Shanghai as the Dragon City:


two, Shanghai only third love weight query tool given value should not be too


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