After staying away from the death list for the time being 58 came home to consider how to make a pr

webmaster coordination. The other has not been submitted to the Commission for settlement, the end of the month will submit settlement and payment.

58 home, founder Chen Xiaohua to set the team’s 2017 performance target is: the transaction amount to 12 billion yuan -150 billion, of which 1-2 sub business to achieve large-scale profits.


‘s cooperative attitude is obvious to all, in our tens of thousands of webmaster inside, more than 60% is through mutual introduction met us, please believe that your friend, believe us, we will be properly

Chen Xiaohua said, "58 home, the initial practice is to follow others do, but the intensity will be more than similar service brand" ruthless". After gaining the lead, you begin to become rational, or slow down, while reducing those crazy subsidies. Since September of last year, it has basically been able to develop at a predetermined pace.

attached to the spring of 2007 on the handling of arrears events source, ID=92

at the same time, the net tells the world, as if this happened last year, I do not know how to deal with this year.

for a lot of burn burned to "light" entrepreneurial companies, profitability is a good "distance", but established only two years of 58 to claim to have a clear goal.

yes, my account number is still two yuan and 500 yuan. The official has not given any reason or explanation. Search on the Internet, it seems that the network owes a lot of money to the webmaster, and hope to do the webmaster, comrade

due to years ago, customer collection and payment management caused by misoperation, the emergence of some Adsense commission payment status error show the payment of the actual payment is not paid, the union is currently receiving the webmaster about the mention of

next month. I have a few hundred dollars, 5 months, so far did not pay, in fact, he is trying to cheat you a little more time. Very shameless! Originally found in other forums, said this is a liar, not

from the end of 2014 to the first half of 2015 was also the most frenzied period of domestic O2O development. O2O, almost all the time in order to Qingnangerchu, even at the free single user. This state continued until last August and September, after which began a nosedive, and O2O moved from hot to cold. Closing shops, layoffs, acquisitions, and even closures are common. There are new brands on the O2O death list. For example, once claimed to be "the largest" O2O car maintenance platform Bo Pai car.

, we once again to all webmaster friends said very sorry, but also hope that the webmaster can really understand our shortcomings, most of the webmaster has accompanied us through nearly a year, I

handles well and gives you a satisfactory answer.

since it does not give any explanation, we can only understand that it is malicious arrears.



recent Commission issue statement

settlement, and some problems with the Commission to verify, in order to cooperate with us faster Commission clearing clear, the Commission has not yet submitted for payment of the settlement, the Federation temporarily inadmissible, I hope

"our performance in 2015 September was 10 times higher than before, but the amount of the loss was the same as in March and April of last year.". That’s quite different from what the O2O industry used to say, "double the size and double the loss."." He said.

58 home is the information classification website 58 city hatched O2O services project. The user can like called the car drops, using App to find the nearest field cleaning, nanny, Yuesao, master, master, Manicure moving maintenance service personnel on-site service etc.. Among them, domestic express and Manicure from 58 to home management, including the definition of process and service price, personnel recruitment and training etc.. The other car washing, massage, etc. the car sparring platform mode, by the third party to provide the corresponding service.

the news was 58 When Chen Xiaohua, founder of the family, was interviewed by the interface news. He set the team’s 2017 performance target is to make the transaction amount to 12 billion yuan -150 billion, of which 1-2 sub business to achieve large-scale profits. He was reluctant to elaborate on what specific businesses were profitable.

source: visual China

for the current part of the webmaster dissatisfaction, in some other sites for some of our league’s words, we express understanding, this may be our customer service is not satisfied with the lead, with the

today saw the "16 individual Adsense to do advertising alliance", said the network to declare the world: this alliance is a shameless liar. First, make an excuse to delay payment, next month, next month, at

, unite, think of a way and see what to do.

I think I have to see what I think and try to do it myself. Now can be very responsible to say that this is a liar.

as of now, the company has opened nearly 30 different types of door-to-door services in 30 cities. Regardless of breadth or depth, 58 home seems to be in a fast upper position, the funds, resources, the team does not dominate the small and medium-sized O2O startups left behind.

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