Liu Jun you can trust Shanghai dragon but do not over reliance on the Shanghai Dragon

?If Sina In fact,

although I do Shanghai dragon, but if your site is now completely dependent on Shanghai dragon to survive, you completely rely on the project of Shanghai Longfeng profit, your business depends entirely on the Shanghai dragon and get customers, this is undoubtedly to put all the egg in one basket, the basket once knocked over the egg. All broken. Even more dangerous is that Shanghai dragon took the basket or put in the hands of others, the right to decide the fate of not completely in their own hands, the head tied waistband on the feeling of people is not your hope.

but if we completely rely on Shanghai dragon will

site operators, Sina’s profit model is not fully in accordance with the "

every day from Shanghai that love won about 10000000 of the natural flow is not a penny to love Shanghai, of course so much natural flow is Sina so many years of accumulated high weight, these costs and operating expenses Sina website Sina pure coincidence, Shanghai Longfeng costs can not be calculated, but also the large Sina portal. Shanghai dragon has been integrated into all aspects of the operation of the site. No matter how to calculate, Shanghai dragon is indeed a very cost-effective means of network marketing website.

But now Sina

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun is to say that the Shanghai dragon is currently the most cost-effective means of network marketing, website operation, network promotion. Only then can not say too absolute, but the Shanghai dragon is indeed a very cost-effective means of network marketing, Shanghai white dragon is a priority among priorities of the website operation. Imagine, Sina every day can get about 10000000 of the natural flow of love from Shanghai, these flows if not by Shanghai Longfeng do keyword ranking obtained, but on the love Shanghai auction, then according to the current one click on the price of 3 yuan calculation, have to pay 30 million yuan love Shanghai Sina every day, to be called 90 million a month, a about one billion yuan give love Shanghai.

is now in love with the sea K off, how will Sina? Actually effect is definitely a little, but it wouldn’t cause a big blow for sina. If Shanghai really love K Sina, will undoubtedly become a major event in the Internet, it is likely that the entire Internet industry is one of Shanghai’s users will attack the collective love Shanghai, why should we use Sina K off? You want to find the love of Shanghai is what we want, but even in Sina search not to come out also, you love what’s in Shanghai? I believe many users will issue such a voice.

Shanghai Longfeng price is undoubtedly a very high

so do not rely entirely on the website of Shanghai dragon, enterprise promotion don’t depend entirely on the Shanghai dragon, the promotion of the project do not depend entirely on the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is only a part of the website operation, Shanghai dragon is a means of network marketing, Shanghai dragon is a kind of network promotion way.

This is because Sina’s

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