The optimization of the site is down right you should how to do

fourth, the appropriate time for active extrapolation. Of course, our website is to expand the extrapolation of exposure, the chain is our way of promotion, as far as possible to high weight platform, this time if we can for the website writing some high quality original text submitted to the webmaster nets, the expansion of the chain transmission range, then, no better, of course, extrapolation in many ways, can be spread through the blog website, classified information, social networking platform, increase website hits, such exposure is increased in the search engine for the site’s performance will be recorded in their capture analysis system, so this time the webmaster must be careful to work hard.

second, the initiative to the search engine for complaint. If the first point of analysis, and did not find a way to solve the problem, then, the author believes that it is possible to love Shanghai their own problem occurs, we can write a detailed application materials, site characteristics, their description, and operation status, and then for the first time to love Shanghai, love Shanghai for manual verification after all, can help us take the initiative to submit the first time to obtain an official reply, can also reduce this helpless lost negative emotions.

finally, the author summarizes some website down right is any a webmaster want to see, but many times, often in the river walk defiled the truth, even veterans will face such problems, encountered a problem is not terrible, we have to analyze the reasons, find a way to solve the problems of it, and not blindly blame and decadent.

we know that many web site optimization when the site is down the right to love Shanghai, at this time the webmaster, in fact we do not need to panic, we have to do is to face with a positive attitude, this time if he is very impetuous not only can not solve the problem, may also lead to their very blind, so difficult to optimize of course our mind to one disaster after another, state of mind, we still have to seriously optimize the nature of work to do, how to do?

first, the first analysis of the website whether the recent abnormal situation. For example, the contents of their content, quality is low, the chain is growing too fast or a single chain, or the chain of low quality, a lot of problems in the chain may make you helpless, to carefully analyze it, followed by the site security, friends of the chain is not accessible, whether or not there is hang virus and Trojan server is down, these are conventional methods when right down.

third, continue to increase the quality of the content for the web site. Many times the site right down to their optimization is also not in the mood, writing do break, do not want to release the chain, in fact, this time is the most taboo of this operation, this time we have to do is as soon as possible to let love Shanghai to crawl the site, so the quality is a key content update. To increase the frequency of updates, in order to attract the spider visit our timely updates to the site, let search engine we have been trying to understand it.

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