Let your love Shanghai Shanghai dragon fearless test series 3


only, is my personal worship link builder. In the initial stage of the domestic Shanghai Dragon technology he joined the industry. 10 years of occupation career experience, he is now the hottest Shanghai Longfeng expert.

then the old Xie also to share some tips in Shanghai love strikes a halo, can let you before without giving up your Shanghai Longfeng strategy, Shanghai dragon and had to ensure safe and sound.

how did he do that? Please look at

his persistence was rewarded in today, he established the link of nature exists in the search engine, and will not be deleted, a stable input weights. He always bring a lot of Shanghai dragon rankings, undoubtedly customers are very happy. The only worth mentioning is that only currently only stop doing business in Shanghai dragon, the high expense. His search is continued hot, if determined, suggest you go to search outside of his pilgrimage.

published an article on your site, as long as the essence of the article is on the love of Shanghai "panda algorithm" to determine the "cheat" link into high quality links, so these articles can still be used by you. The old method of articles within the chain is on the link and the anchor text into a perfectly matched URL link, then pseudo original after the release of each big forum or blog group, but there is always breaking love Shanghai panda algorithm, because the chain lack of exact matching and optimization of excessive risks punished.

when he was in any place to create a link, whether inside or outside the station, rarely let the anchor text is single keywords. His anchor text seems to express more content, it is popular to a certain kind of information of the title of the article. Each anchor text pointing out the web page was also filled with the anchor text of the title, gave me the feeling that his website is a product of knowledge base, any page is worth your browsing. The old Xie every time you open a similar article, always follow his construction of the anchor text title oriented along a few people read down, so, not to mention the spider

so this way "to replace the anchor text." The search technology topic has a detailed explanation on the replacement of the anchor text, you can find love in Shanghai. The old Xie through a plug-in for the WordPress for example, can download the attachment.

I give some examples to explain the simple.

Xie two days ago wrote "let your love Shanghai Shanghai dragon fearless test series (1, 2)" mentioned in the question, never affect him, he had never been building links to delete.


a few years ago he started to do this, but this is unheard of at the time.




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