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Amoy brand is a false concept in the history of the most famous China electricity supplier, in order to large-scale qingjunruweng, successful halo flow through the tilt policy orchestrated the Amoy brand, attracted a large number of no real business brand but that brand can be established by the seller for the horse cloud traffic belief recharge.

I heard that now the Amoy brand is eager to market, we must vigorously support ah, look not listed may be gone from the data.

dengyanyun women’s taobao this website before, was the president of a taobao a speech in Shanghai, Taobao trading volume in 08 years to break the 100 billion mark miles, she is in force and promote Taobao off Oh, do a MM five years was promoted to vice president of taobao. As can be imagined Taobao’s rise space is great! Later, taobao and cooperation with CCTV, every ear heard, "to shopping, first Taobao, Tao Tao tao……". A few days ago also saw a friend’s taobao shopping online home page to do is flavorfully, so, confidence, can try to, so Ali my signature is changed to "make Ma 3W". Of course, it’s a bit exaggerated. 3W is not easy this month,

commercial pedestrian street just built in front of your house, you will become a small stall brand,

the seller was the chicken that had been fooled, and later everyone knew who the fox was.

congratulate yourself, my Amoy income hit a new peak, specially to bask in, of course, money can not come out of the sun Oh, this can only make an exception once,

first tell you a joke: Amoy brand.



really do Amoy station, after a month, average daily turnover of over 30 pen, Chong drilling success, always doubted that the monthly income of million guest come, in fact in reality do mom a few million a month. Cattle people are always unknown to the public, because some things you encounter in it, "a dangerous situation" with the people you see are strong, it is likely you black out, or do the same for paste Oh, so remember to make money exposure. The money must be secretly earned, the blessing to secretly enjoy, tickets to crash it!

traffic is of value to the sellers, but no direct value to brand building, Amoy brand for several years to prove it. So God carved and some VC that changed the distribution mechanism of the flow will lead to the birth and death of this brand, I do not agree, no matter how the channel changes, the brand success way one hundred years, the only way to sell.

gold!We all know that


"boss, you see that the Amoy brand sells clothes several hundred million a year, we have a Taobao shop!" this is the most famous business history thinking fodder.

The disappearance of

about whether the product type brand will disappear, I’m not sure, but the so-called APP or the public, gathered a bunch of people and sellers, which is now VC and some of the big V said: because of changes in flow distribution by the community electricity providers, mobile providers or red net electricity suppliers and other business models, I was completely don’t agree, most of these concepts is a false concept, short-term may earn quick money, but in the long term is a false concept, no user value, no investment value.

fox set up a memorial in the farm, cliff above wrote: "do not fly down bravely, how do you know the original is a sky Eagle!" from then on, every day to eat the fox who killed the chicken in the bottom of the cliff.

Amoy brand is essentially a root candle, only after the lights attracted more moths, the method is very simple, to the mass flux of some sellers artificially, so that these sellers get the unusual ability of sellers. If the Amoy brand is really a brand, why they left Taobao will not sell? Because they do not brand, not directly occupy the user’s mind, not reduce consumer psychological threshold, nor with the user to establish a direct link with the market, only the relationship is good, get a shop.

! !

recently saw God carved wrote an article "disappear" brand, the effect that the future type of brand will disappear, numerous APP or the public number is to gather a bunch of people around, then this group has the common characteristics of people, they sell anything, the key is arbitrary cross category.

love, the girl is not easy, but once the MM from you, she will do anything to make money their work, so it will take to heart! Before Ali version ax baoway love sun income, but also know almost a year old friend, you re look under his the text must be harvested! I was often to Ali on the search, baoway and what good stuff in the sun! The high score and version of their article axe is certainly not do look at Ali! Especially baoway one day to his dig treasure net, because you play Amoy error the words out, even one day there are dozens of pieces of income, and not to Kung Fu, when asked baoway, envy! The best thing is to learn more, see Taobao sh419 index, which compare the flow and no one to do Be like baoway, >

Dengyanyun is my girlfriend’s name, an exciting moment, I am going to do a project, find the most simple and easy to earn money is actually Taobao off! So I try to do it! Then tell yourself, like the girl on the dengyanyun station, put it in my heart, she will become a


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