How to operate the Shanghai dragon through marketing thinking

first direction: Shanghai dragon and the auction is complementary to the


third: Although the consumer is invalid traffic flow, although the landing page flow, is double flow, especially in the competitive products especially, a brand clearly introduce others to post, you are using optimization methods in, for you to copy and paste the text, do a lot of peer help the brand of education, then consumers left.

this is the most simple website operation process, start is the promotion, is the end of the transaction, that is to say, no matter what kind of promotion, its purpose is to clinch a deal, not around the promotion of transaction to do, promotion is invalid.

have what meaning?

there are a lot of people talk about Shanghai, search engine optimization, that is consistent with the free search flow only, but in fact, this understanding is more narrow, so what is the essence of Shanghai dragon? In fact Shanghai dragon is the marketing, so also in the Shanghai dragon SEM the tip of the iceberg, Shanghai dragon is the search engine marketing, but not just simple search engine optimization to get free traffic.

from the perspective of marketing of Shanghai dragon

many enterprises, especially large enterprises will do the bidding, so they have a misunderstanding, I do not need to do the bidding of Shanghai dragon, actually very wrong;

is invalid! ~!

second invalid flow: saw a lot of people talking about his website IP every day how much, how much weight, a webmaster tools, find that some colleagues will search for some word ranking, then click the conversion to the love of Shanghai is expected to flow; the flow

case, we can see, so saying, Shanghai dragon is not the Nothing is right.


if only can get a lot of traffic, but not very good grasp of the flow, get a certain transformation, and thus to the transaction, if the transaction does not translate it, then no matter how much is the traffic flow

invalid flow: consumer traffic, but most are not reach the page traffic, but the traffic; traffic is what mean? The equivalent forum in the title of the party, all is in the title, not read out, so what is the significance of the

the following three marketing direction, for everyone to explain how to use marketing thinking to do Shanghai dragon


1, the bidding is a double-edged sword, bidding is the most fast and effective traffic sources, but the price is expensive, the profit of the products are difficult to support the promotion expenses of it, so the need for Shanghai to Phoenix;

– flow – landing page promotion activities – copy consultation / silence — transaction

The first kind of


Analysis on the

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