dentify the site is down right or a simple method of K station and Solutions

down the right site or site is K, what is the reason?

website is K very easy to be identified is the webmaster, normally, site:xxx贵族宝贝 website contains 0 papers. But the site is right down the situation is different, for example, the snapshot reaction site is relatively slow, included in the site suddenly from 1W down to 100 articles. Or, after the site’s ranking from the previous page top down to ten pages. These are the site is down right.

site is K or web site is down right, is a very big impact for enterprises and users. So, webmaster friends may want to ask, how can I know your website, your website is down right or be search engine K station. In fact, the method is very simple, as a veteran of the website optimization, we have some simple methods to teach you how to quickly identify whether the site search engine drop right even the site was K. Let you in the website operation process, detours, on shortcut, in fact, Shanghai dragon how shortcut? What optimization so difficult? Why so many people want to learn Shanghai dragon, but often adhere to the last person is so small, a home for Shanghai dragon is less little.

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third, the website a short time increase too much the chain. Non mass, usually buy gold chain, some industries may want to in a short time to improve the keywords ranking selection to buy black chain or gold chain.

in addition, there is also a common site drop right phenomenon, is the site before the rankings are made home page ranking, but is down right after, almost impossible to find, the website home page for example, I have a user’s keywords: Nanjing cedar, the web site is down right after get the ranking of all the inside pages of news, so this situation is the site is down right. Some web site is down right, for example, before doing a real estate website types. For example: before the Bengbu rental station rankings are good, the inside pages included also is very normal, but yesterday, when 2010-12-21 also love Shanghai small update, I’ll go to see, the front page of the site is in love with the sea K.

second, the website is hidden by keyword or keyword stuffing behavior. Have seen a website for celebration, this is his site keywords stack, Nanjing Festival, Nanjing Festival, celebration, celebration service, Nanjing professional celebration, how much money, Jiangsu festival celebration service, Lishui Festival, Changzhou Festival and so on, in a word, Yu Qingdian words appear particularly. Perhaps the owners think this can increase the density of keywords. In order to enhance the probability of the keyword of the website is to enhance the love of Shanghai. In fact, this idea is wrong.

usually, nothing more than some common conditions. First, the site by means of black hat, we often say that cheating. A lot of cheating, which is a mass of information. In our Shanghai dragon drunk a lot of junk information, often encounter group.

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