Venture capital is a long term game win in mindshlf1314 AdSense official offers two tips for publis

1, the choice of target sites, there are several ways to consider

3, also settled choice, advertising is like a door, when the user opens the door, stay is related to the conversion rate, good place can also the users, of course you the quality of products is the key to

so how to grow into the network marketing Wangzhuan circle circle? This definition is very vague, antique understanding is Wangzhuan circle itself value reached a certain scale, the development of the development team, became the company became a network marketing circle, so according to this logic is how to Wangzhuan continuously? That is how to enlarge the only investment enlarged?.

ensures that all content is accessible through pure hypertext links. Make sure all hypertext links point to the target, that is, the elements are real URL. In short, to avoid the following hyperlink: < a; href=" " onclick=" " javascript:void … > Product Catalog< /a> we recommend more simple links, such as: < a href=" index.html" > /a>

someone might ask, "it’s not an investment that can make money, but it can be a loss.".

1. is content to provide useful content to users.

2. creates a crawling web site that lets search engines know your website,

yes, of course. Investment is risky, and a powerful investor is the one who gains by reducing the biggest risk.

< TV;

2, advertising chart selection, advertising chart like the title of an article, a good title to improve the opening rate, how to design a high open advertising map, which is the need to think about

here’s an example:

antique agent before a 0 monthly mobile phone card, but the limited resources of antique, how to develop? Some people would say, to promote ah, yes, is to promote the promotion, but there are two forms, one is free promotion, one is to pay for the promotion, the need to spend a lot of free promotion time and energy in a short period of time or not is a great reward, then the rest is paid promotion! So I on a network marketing website launched a monthly advertising, 300

pay attention to website security, prevent malware invasion. The website is " the black " is the stationmaster’s nightmare. Please check your website regularly to ensure website security. At the same time, you also want to avoid your own web site by malicious software invasion, if the website contains malicious software, the user is likely to be inaccessible, this will give your website user group and traffic caused serious losses.

as for later how to enlarge, very simple train of thought, is to find more sites put on, more high flow site put on, assuming the 300 yuan advertising fees to the site

didn’t know that publishers are not often see shlf1314’s Chinese webmaster blog, there are a lot of valuable Bowen, recommend you often go to see, will give you the website construction and maintenance is a very big help.

offers more original content. Users come to your site, they want to see other places without content; a copy of the content will damage the user experience negative impact using the program automatically crawl the content on your site will rank in search results.. Only pay back, spend some effort making unique web content, users will love your site, search engine rankings will follow.

network is very magical, it connects far apart from each other people in various industries together, so the network marketing high-end and low-end Wangzhuan circle circle, the low-end’t mean, just in order to distinguish, fundamentally speaking, the network marketing circle in front of the public, representing the age of the Internet, online circle like network marketing circle childhood appearance, when the circle of Wangzhuan to a certain stage it evolved into the network marketing circle.

ensures readability of content. Make sure all the important content on the site is presented in the form of a HTML file, and there is no need to evaluate pages

, like the example above, antiques have made a lot of preparation for reducing the risk when they launch this ad,

, B, target site collection comparison, antique find dozens of similar sites, from various aspects of comparison site traffic, user activity


creates a web site that allows users to browse. In order to facilitate the user to browse the content of the website, you can add the station search function you can use AdSense search ads, you can also establish a reasonable content classification, allowing users to quickly find the content you want to see.

today to share two from where we read two valuable suggestions, the content and structure of the website is a good website, do these two points on the website of the growth and income will be of great help:

is highly relevant to the theme of the web site. Establish a clear theme and provide content that is highly relevant to the topic of the website. Avoid stacking irrelevant content.

a, early consideration small investment trial and error

result is put on three days, 300 of advertising costs have earned back, then the remaining 27 days is the profit period, as much as possible, you can make up the brain.

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