360 Webmaster Platform closed protection function line

1. is reserved host home

This article from the Huang Kun

search, the second largest search engine in China Huang Kun! I have a station 360 weight is relatively high, every day from 360 to IP is two times of love Shanghai! Have to say 360 brings IP

blog, the original address: 贵族宝贝jmdrkj.cn/371.html first A5


closed protection note:

3. sites comply with laws and regulations, non waste, spam station

360 station closed protection also has several considerations, we need to look at:

1. in the Webmaster Platform website through the verification, the applicant must be the site administrator

is also very impressive!

closed station protection function is to help the webmaster treatment due to the replacement of a server or other reasonable requirements, such as the ICP record, the website and the temporary closure of web server and spider lead users unable to access the normal site thus affecting the engine may drop right on site and provide solutions.

360 )

in Shanghai Webmaster Platform just pushed close protection soon, 360 also launched the station closed protection function.

7. domain level will be the main shielding domain of all the sub station shield


5. station closed the longest 45 days (one year only for two

2. website domain name has not changed, if the domain name change request "included" the

although I did not feel what Huang Kun with these two functions, closed the station retained because this is also not what! As for the closed station guard time, personal feeling is nothing but the site! Well, here we see It differs from man to man., idea.

can be seen from figure 360, the station closed protection function than the love of Shanghai station closed more than two small protection functions are:

closed protection

6. pages included less than 1000 pages of the site, not to accept the application for


4. weight to keep application through time is

Huang Kun today I see 360 Webmaster Platform, Webmaster Platform changed obviously, add close station to protect the function.

please indicate the source! Protection Station

give you a look at what is close station protection

2. closed time

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