Comparison between Admin5 and Chinaz


2 Chinese ridge poly 60% station stationmaster net gradually revised, niche comment.

admin5 content page advertising 7, Chinaz content page ad 4.

admin5 home advertising 12, Chinaz home page advertising 8.

admin5 advertising seems to be more, ready to be advertising corrosion, Admin5 after the revision of advertising a lot more.

a few months on the webmaster network, personal feel that the network is also sub grade.

chinaz is relatively high, not often, but I must use his statistics, the source must also be under the Chinaz of the word of mouth – is committed to providing power to the Chinese website.

admin5 comparison of the public, grassroots strength, popularity should be above the Chinaz, but also should be the reputation of Admin5, webmaster will be on the site.

finally, sum up, put forward opinions.

love Admin5 Admin5 niche, hoping to put less advertising, make the website more beautiful, after all, is a famous website, which as I stand, put too much advertising does not matter,

admin5 should transfer energy to IDC, and intermediate above, you can do more good procedures, provide more impetus to the grassroots, found in Admin5 friendship connection query tool, which is very practical, if he is satisfied to Admin5’s, Admin5 good products, not afraid of a tiger with wings added, money.Admin5 gas.

the end, not sent out to see outside.

comments: Thank you for the Admin5 webmaster attention has editorial articles and opinions of your reaction to stationmaster net charge graph king, very honored to see the attention of stationmaster net friend’s opinion, also hope that your website can do better, I wish you have a good experience in admin5.