The buzz remediation SP storm will set up bad publicity column


technology news news July 3rd, Ministry of information industry buzz remediation SP storm, MII telecommunication management bureau also began to participate in campaigns, and strictly requiring the timely SP bad behavior to the public, even in the website open column announced on the national SP enterprise bad behavior records.

SP complaint is still a lot of

the Telecommunications Authority official said, in 2007 1-5 month, the Ministry of telecommunications users complaint handling center, Department of the petition office, mail and other channels, the website of the Ministry of the Minister of people receiving on telecommunications complaints, reports and letters and visits more than 14000 people, of which nearly 30% mainly reflect the SP enterprise information services and related problems.

in addition, the main problem reflected by letters and visits is also SP companies more charges, arbitrary charges (the problem is the SP enterprise group SMS) accounted for about 70% of the total number of letters.

it is reported that the Ministry of information industry has required rectification inspection of enterprises, based on the new enterprise will stop its operations in the rectification period; the annual "unqualified" enterprises, will stop its access.

stressed the institutionalization of illegal information released SP

said the MII telecommunication management bureau, the focus of remediation, the Provincial Bureau of local enterprises to establish a SP record of bad behavior by the local administrative public system, the processing of the SP corporate misconduct records in a timely manner to the public. Bad behavior records should include: illegal business name, license number, name, legal representative, business access code access by the operator name, illegal content (time, place, behavior), administrative processing results and other information.

in particular, and during the focus on remediation of illegal SP enterprises will be the first record of bad behavior, the Provincial Bureau should be in July 15th before the publicity to the community, at the same time and production department.

the Telecommunications Authority also said that the provincial communications authority should update clear specialized agencies, personnel undertake local records of bad behavior, according to the changing situation of bad behavior records timely updates, and in the end of the month this month will update notification.

the Telecommunications Authority even said, will be in the national SP enterprise website set up column will record of bad behavior on the publicity and provides links to the Provincial Bureau website.