Blogcn announced the termination of the blog era is a free service

December 13th, blog service provider Blogcn ( announced the cessation of free blog service. This is another case of the demise of the blog era.


today, Blogcn announced that: after careful assessment, Blogcn will fully start charging service VIP, and from now on to stop free blog service. Please free users before March 31, 2013, self export data backup. Beginning in April 1, 2013, the site will no longer open data export, and no longer retain free user blog data. We will do a server adjustment at the end of March 2013, to ensure a stable service for VIP users."

It is reported that

Blogcn, opened in November 18, 2002, was named the "China", because the blogger "Mu Zimei" published online sex diary, the discussion of "blog" phenomenon in the whole society; 2004 -2005, Blogcn venture capital, and began to rage. In 2008, Chinese recently officially renamed Boshang network.