SARFT will popularize the official system TV box crying halo in the living room

SARFT will popularize the official system

regulators to rectify the actions of the TV box tightened step by step. From the State Press and Publication Administration (hereinafter referred to as SARFT) No. 181 to four departments jointly issued the text of No. 229, from the release of Internet TV license, to non USB installed applications and other functions, since 2011, with the rapid development of Internet, regulators on the Internet set-top box has become more and more strict supervision.

December 26th, SARFT science and technology division, Ministry of industry and information technology, electronic information division held "launched smart TV operating system TVOS2.0 conference and TVOS2.0 industrial scale application of" ceremony in Hunan Changsha, according to the "Hunan daily" reported that the official will be forced to promote the popularity of smart TV operating system, TVOS2.0 will dominate the TV arena".

but many industry insiders have told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the future for a period of time there will still be Android, Ali YunOS, TVOS systems, TVOS system can become the only Internet set-top box system remains to be seen.

SARFT pushing TVOS2.0 system

in recent years, SARFT has increased efforts to regulate the Internet set-top boxes, on this basis, but also developed a smart TV operating system TVOS, and continue to increase efforts to promote.

in fact, before the release of TVOS2.0, SARFT has long been independent research and development of TVOS1.0 in the cable network companies within the mandatory promotion. In March last year, SARFT issued a document requiring cable network companies to carry out large-scale TVOS1.0 application test, the first pilot for the Jiangsu cable and Shanghai Oriental Cable operators. In August this year, SARFT has expanded the scope of the pilot cable operators in the TVOS smart TV operating system, the cable TV network company purchased or integrated development and installation of smart TV set-top boxes and other terminal must use TVOS1.0, and shall not be installed in addition to the TVOS operating system.

industry analysts believe that the move is mainly in order to unify the system standards, software applications, the relevant departments to facilitate the supervision of Internet TV content.

before the release of the TVOS2.0 system, TV box market has suffered several regulatory storm. Since June last year, SARFT provider for Internet TV license, issued a notice shut down illegal Internet TV terminal product video software to download the channel immediately; in July 2014, all Internet TV boxes must stop providing TV program shift and look back at the function. In October this year, the four departments jointly issued the "No. 229", integrated Internet TV, illegal reception equipment.

according to public information, TVOS2.0 system combined with HUAWEI, Alibaba, ZTE, Hunan radio and television and other more than and 60 member units, is in contact with HUAWEI Medi>