One week news review Nora founder Wang Xin was arrested in the red flag to success

1 Baidu SkyDrive for alleged dissemination of pornographic information is part of the account is closed


August 11th news, recently, the media from Beijing City pornography office was informed that the masses reflect part of SkyDrive’s Baidu account exists dissemination of pornographic information problems. By the relevant departments to investigate, identify some of the contents of pornographic Internet publishing information. In August 6th, the Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps confirmed containing pornographic content Baidu SkyDrive dissemination of audio-visual programs, in violation of the relevant provisions of the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service, the Baidu Inc issued a rectification notice, SkyDrive asked Baidu to delete the relevant content immediately closed dissemination of pornographic content account, rectification, and submit rectification report.

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SkyDrive for allegedly disseminating pornographic information was warning account is closed  


SkyDrive is warning   involving "yellow";

2 micro-blog exposure Dangdang threat to businesses accused of not paying marketing to shut shop

days ago, some businesses in the micro-blog exposure, operators forced food businesses must recharge category launched marketing tool AD train and language threatened businesses if not prepaid will be shut shop. This businessman posted on the micro-blog operator in the QQ operation group on the matter of the chat log. According to the chat records show that the staff stressed in the announcement, the household chores will recharge in the day, and made it clear that if you do not operate today, tomorrow all closed shop".

, but the store didn’t really happen. The merchant pointed out: This is only a means to use the threat of Dangdang operators to businesses. If you shut shop, merchants therefore resort to law, Dangdang will lose."

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micro-blog exposure Dangdang threat of operating businesses accused of not paying to close the shop  

Dangdang strong response to push through the incident: has done internal criticism  

3 and a vertical electricity supplier fell: NOP founder announced the project ended  

August 11th, a former word let Liu Shuang NOP founder identity has become the past tense. Tencent, science and technology found in the afternoon Liu micro-blog, the micro-blog certification has been changed to former Beijing Shingo Knopp NOP Technology Co. founder, and Liu Shuang micro-blog is confirmed the fact that its business end of NOP but he also said NOP will continue in a new way".

changed the micro-blog certification, I am the stage of entrepreneurship is coming to an end. However, NOP does not end, will continue in a new way, please NOPER after Taobao NOP store." Liu Shuang wrote in micro-blog. >