The nternet revolution 10 years of media experience how the reborn




in the Internet era, the media is like a chameleon, a dwelling in the light colorful lights under the keen barge fickle, waiting in the wings, any one of the latest technological innovation or spread, are likely to make the change, change the Internet fast 10 years of media experience confirms this good a little.

industry change and role transformation

the last 10 years, digital media from the portal to social media, mobile media platform to complete the form in the media, completely change, change in the results of specific performance: pay more attention to the information communication facility, two-way and autonomy, in short, is the digital media from a professional position, to all users with the most simple, easy to use, easy access to content services. Not long ago, at the Cannes International Festival of creativity (The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity) won sixty-second " " media personality of the year award; Tencent network media business group president, senior executive vice president Liu Shengyi proposed in his speech, the new media as a typical Tencent (network media business includes Tencent video portal, micro-blog, APP, news etc.) target, from the pursuit of technological innovation, change with the power of technology, to make thousands on thousands of ordinary users can equally enjoy the convenience of digital media.

digital media in transition, first appears to be increasingly decentralized communication media. As Liu Shengyi said: "there is no media, everywhere, in the Internet, mobile Internet environment, media and non media definition will become increasingly blurred, automobile, building, toothbrush, trash, can carry large data information, it is likely to become part of the media.

With the development of

media, digital media change, also is presented according to the changes of the audience and the content of information release. In the era of the Internet portal, users see the information is the most recommended product of the editor, and in the portal based Web2.0 era, it is difficult for users to obtain personalized information. Be arranged as the portal to provide users with comprehensive information, by the user according to their own needs to choose what to watch. Over time, when the user is only interested in a certain field, this more than the fine information can not meet the needs of users.

future media destination

By Gao Daquan

in the media portal transition to social media platform small and fine on the stage, especially in micro-blog, WeChat’s social networking platform, each account is like a small personalized media, users are keen to post, micro-blog, news commentary, each hand is holding with a microphone.

in the mobile Internet era, the user’s right to choose the right to further promote the birth of micro-blog