Cool source cmsV1 0 beta1 version is scheduled to be released today

      the latest news, cool source software will be released in September 25th cool source cms1.0 test version, the company is currently on the existing functions to do the final test.

      test version using including function for news system and membership system, cool source software development based on.Net2.0+vs2005 system uses a N layer architecture, currently supports MSSQL2000 and MSSQL2005 database.

      cool source software as an excellent CMS system, in addition to the well-known AJAX technology and XML technology and cache technology, but also uses the JSON technology and HTML5 standard. (do not know JSON and HTML5 webmaster can go to Baidu first familiar)

      below I put the cool source of the basic functions of cms1.0 to do the following:

      1: sub station group concept. The system inherits the excellent domestic CMS traditional and improved, the user through the establishment of a sub site and set the sub administrator, realize the station and sub station integrated function. Each sub site can create different functional modules. The sub station system has been able to realize the substation using independent server, independent database management.

      two: flexible label. The system adopts the method of combination of the label and the style to realize the WYSIWYG label display effect, and greatly improves the usability of the label.

      three: user independent data table, field function. We take a lot of time to consider the function, has started from the detailed, to solve the current part of the CMS did not consider the application of enterprise level defects.

      four: ultrafast generation rate. At present, the test results of cool source software is 300 thousand data capacity, a total consumption of 114 minutes. The content page contains all the tags that can be placed on the content page, recommended, popular, etc. (machine environment P4 3.0+1G memory, working for the staff machine)

      five: perfect member management and administrator management. We consider the design of the members of the group has been fully taken into account the possibility of a variety of enterprises, as well as the performance and stability issues related to enterprise class site. Currently the user group has been fully able to meet the needs of the owners.

      six: powerful wealth management. The system has a complete wealth use process. From the purchase to the full integration of consumption, each wealth consumption has done a detailed record