Mobell bicycle massive failure but the majority is not the Lite version is still the operator

the evening of December 29th, v-mobile bikes have a large area of the fault problems in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places.


, each city’s official micro-blog Mobell bikes have responded to operators, called as soon as possible. According to Sina Technology interview, v-mobile cycling said, has urged and assist operators on the network emergency repair, late before 10 has basically returned to normal.




this morning, December 30th, love fan children in Guangzhou try to use v-mobile bike, bike for several continuous scan code, that is still unable to use. Page display for vehicle fault. Some passers-by in the v-mobile single scan code, is also unable to unlock.


love fan children found this morning, "Mobell bicycle fault car" to remind the Lite version, but there are still people in the way a generation of bicycle.

earlier, there are a number of areas of Beijing Mobell bicycle users encounter unable to unlock, timeout failure in the use of the problem, there is speculation that the weather is too cold to. But outside of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places also have Mobell bicycle can not be used, and some models can not be used.

love fan children contact the v-mobile bicycle repair inquiry, v-mobile bicycle said last night the fault is indeed the problem for operators, and user feedback is still a bike this morning this problem, reason is determined.