Legal issues of group purchase industry from the gathered network failures

group buying industry in recent years, the rapid development, has experienced a hundred regiments war and thousands of regiments war, the recent trend shows that the industry will return to the hundred group war". After a number of group purchase website collapse in the industry, the top ten gathered nets was also recently closed down due to funding strand breaks, and owed hundreds of merchant payment, for the development of the industry to add to the crisis.

they gathered network failures is the inevitable result in recent years group purchase website "explosive" development after. Group purchase website as a O2O business model, there is no formation of B2C such as B2B, the size of the market, consumer groups still belong to a niche market. However, due to the threshold is very low buy site, a large number of influx of entrepreneurs to buy the industry, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of buy site. In the limited size of the market itself and the group purchase group purchase website, also has not formed a considerable scale and brand advantages, a large amount of capital investment and blind expansion will inevitably lead to capital chain rupture, the collapse of gathered nets is the case.

gathered nets close, will cause a series of problems, such as the consumer who is responsible for the debts, consumers and businesses to protect their own rights and so on. They gathered network as a professional group purchase website, its cooperation with the business jointly launched the group purchase products, will involve the issue of accountability, which requires to divide the specific responsibilities according to its cooperation with businesses, can not be generalized. According to the relevant media reports, many businessmen gathered nets owed money is not paid, the way of cooperation with many businesses including collecting money for businesses, consumers in the consumer group purchase website in advance is collected by the network together. In this case, all network and businesses actually belong to the common sales side, together with the business of consumers should bear joint responsibility, consumers can request a refund directly to the gathered nets.

gathered nets if it is unable to continue operations due to funding strand breaks down, it should go bankruptcy proceedings, the liquidation of the assets of the company in accordance with the law, pay debts, not what do they suddenly disappeared, evade legal responsibility. Otherwise, the person in charge of the company is likely to be suspected of fraud and other criminal offenses. So, in the face of the boss "run away", consumers and businesses how to safeguard their rights? Consumers can require businesses to return to relevant prepayments by businesses to claim gathered nets. As for businesses, in addition to the litigation claims gathered outside the net, also can seek relief through industry and commerce, public security departments, the relevant responsible person "in the network had run away", the latter may be more effective. In addition, consumers and businesses as a creditor, can also apply to the court for bankruptcy liquidation of gathered net company, auction companies and related assets to cover the debt, but the process of the program may be relatively long.

the actual situation may be more complex, for example, once the company boss "run away" or "empty", the relevant creditors tend to grab the money for the company, debt or reduce losses. So, whether you can go directly to the company gathered to grab an empty office equipment? Obviously >

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