n early June the domestic domain name of the net increment the Western Digital 4703 by second

IDC Review Network (idcps.com) 06 reported on May 1: according to WebHosting.info data, IDC review of the latest release of the network in early June 2014 China domain name registration report. According to the report, in early June, the domestic market remained stable. But compared with May, the domain name registration business intensified competition between, and part of the domain name registrars are better than the previous growth. China nets continue to market the domestic domain name list, the total increased to 1735613. And in early June the net increase in the amount of domain statistics, Chinese nets won the title again. Western Digital and linkage world two or three. Below, we have a detailed understanding of the domain name registrar in early June domain name growth.


(Figure 1) the domain name registrar domain name ranked

as shown in Figure 1, in early June, the total amount of the top ten domestic domain name registrar: Chinese, renamed China, Western Digital Network, 35 Internet, Xinwanghulian, Chinese data, love net, Corfu network, US orange Internet, the linkage of the world. Compared with late May, ranking no change.


(Figure 2) the net growth of each registrar domain name


(Figure 3) registered by the Registrar of the net growth of

is shown in Figure 2, in the domestic domain name registrar net increase in the amount of statistics, in early June, only half of the domestic domain name registrar growth is good. Among them, China million net increment of domain name, over 30 thousand, up to 30335. Western Digital net increase of 4703; the linkage of the world net increase of 2800; US orange Internet net increase of 1097; 35 Internet only a net increase of 5.

and the remaining 5 domain name registrar, in early June, the domain name are negative growth. Among them, "Chinese net reduction of 938; Xinwanghulian net decrease of 1690; net love net reduction 2622; Corfu network net reduction 2568; Chinese data net reduction of 16943, a larger decline.

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