The first case of stolen online banking bank bear 90%

depositors bank account 100 thousand yuan in cash mysteriously disappeared, who should be responsible for this, which lasted for over 3 years, the first domestic Internet banking theft has finally been the result. Wenzhou City Intermediate People’s court rejected the appeal of Agricultural Bank of China, maintain the Yongjia county court verdict, the Yongjia branch of the agricultural bank depositors 90% loss compensation, depositors bear 10% loss. Wenzhou Yongjia people’s court staff Jingjing soup yesterday on the "daily economic news" reporter said, the case has been concluded, "That’s final., no change".

100 thousand yuan stolen through online banking

October 2002, in order to facilitate the withdrawal of cash, in Wenzhou, Yongjia to do business in the local Agricultural Bank of Hong Rongyao’s business is a debit card. February 2005, Hong Rongyao found debit card was taken 102 thousand and 500 yuan, and he did not withdraw money, then reported to the local police.

after investigation, November 22, 2004, a fake "Hong Rongyao" name of a forged identity card, to the Agricultural Bank of China Wenzhou branch launched online banking, and access to the online banking client certificate and password. After successful registration, the suspect through Internet banking in February 2, 2005, the success of Hong Rongyao’s debit card two funds transferred to the account of others, and then collect the money.

was unable to recover the money because the impersonator, Hong Rongyao to the Agricultural Bank of Yongjia branch of the court. Yongjia County People’s Court on July 2005, the first instance verdict, the bank to compensate depositors all losses, and pay interest. The bank appealed to the Wenzhou intermediate people’s court, the case was remanded. In July 2006, Yongjia County for retrial that the bank bear the main responsibility, should bear the loss of Hong Rongyao 90%. After the sentencing, Agricultural Bank of China Yongjia branch appeal again. Finally, the Wenzhou City Intermediate People’s court to maintain the Yongjia County Court retrial verdict, the bank should bear the losses to depositors depositors 90%, Hong Rongyao pay 92250 yuan of principal and interest payments. Depositors Hong Rongyao bear the loss of 10%.

ABC error is obvious

reporter yesterday called Yongjia County branch of the Agricultural Bank, the bank Governor Xu said that this matter is more complex, he also just shortly after taking office, the whole incident reason can not say clearly. Subsequently, he was in a meeting, busy, on the grounds that the reporter hung up the phone.

in the court verdict, the reporter found the main reason for losing the abc. Yongjia County Court held that the authenticity of the bank to audit online banking registration information, cause the suspect by holding a fake identity card to open online banking, obtain customer certificate of online bank and online banking passwords, and falsely claimed depositors. Therefore, the bank in the process of accepting online banking registration there is a serious fault. The court held that, because of the bank’s own illegal operations, so not to "all by the customer certificate and the password operation are treated to the client for himself, the bank does not assume any responsibility for the format of the terms as a reason to shirk its responsibility.

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