The first Chinese blog contest top 60 list released fresh

The first

Chinese blog contest ( as the first Chinese netizen Cultural Festival ( is one of the important activities, the organizing committee after six months of preparation, combined with the ten major domestic well-known blog service providers, after a month and a half of the country’s ten largest division preliminaries, which lasted a month by the netizen’s final, at first China blog contest 60 "has been successfully released.

the first Chinese netizen cultural festival activities of "Chinese blog contest", is sponsored by the China Internet association, Chinese netizen Cultural Festival Organizing Committee initiated and organized, combined with domestic NetEase, Sina blog, blog China network expert blog, blog, news and media elite fashion blogs, gold online blogs, web blog, blog, Dumbo Zhongguancun online blog, bit network blog 10 well-known blog service providers jointly carry out.

from June 1st – July 15th, the 10 division completed the qualifying match, 169 finalists were selected by blog; July 23rd -8 month 23 days, passed by netizens final, selected 60 finalist blog, into the final match; the match (August 25th -9 months 5) by the jury in 60 a finalist for the final selection of blog.

recently, the jury will begin the final, the final selection of the jury will be the special recommendation of the award and China’s top ten blog award.

appendix: the first Chinese blog contest 60 list:


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