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question: "two dimension" how to transfer positive energy – inventory of the 2016 network animation platform new phenomenon

Xu Xiaoqing, Yan Wenhao,

from the TV screen to the movie screen, 2016 documentary "phenomenon in the Imperial Palace I repair cultural relics" became popular in the "two dimension" social networking platform — BiliBili network accident; short video the Rio Olympic Games contestant Fu Yuanhui interviewed, become overnight on the mobile phone cartoon expression package; "big fish" and other domestic animation finally from Begonia "the sample" into a blockbuster release, "was that those things" rabbit "that rabbit" brewing launched more products, domestic animation masterpiece "qinshiming series" will usher in the 10 anniversary……

in 2016, compared with the real literary creation, composed of animation, comics, games, derivatives, electronic music and role-playing "two dimensional" field of culture, is becoming one of the cultural and entertainment category of contemporary Chinese most popular with teenagers, the relevant social platform also began to become an important force in the spread of network literature.

national press and Publication Administration of radio statistics show that in 2016 1 to November, the domestic websites in the State Administration for the record of the network animation of the 183, the network section of the file 1515, the number of far more than the size of the number of files in 2015. From 1 to August, the whole industry network content playback volume increased by 180%. Click on a network of audiovisual works and play the amount of billions of dollars, has become the norm.

phenomenon: the Imperial Palace repair division into the two dimension, net red

in mid December, the highly anticipated film documentary "in the Imperial Palace I repair cultural relics" release. Little is known, at first this has nothing to do with the field of animation game titled three episode TV documentary, is causing concern at the beginning of 2016 through the "two dimension" social networking platform — broadcast BiliBili network. This is the 2016 "two dimension" platform audience demand "counter attack" traditional film creation of a surprise".

"We found that the

B station (BiliBili net short) user exception concerns of" the Imperial Palace "of this theme." BiliBili network chairman Chen Rui told reporters, "a high degree of coincidence of the Imperial Palace powder" and "Manmi" groups, the B station to realize that young people love animation of the artisan spirit is full of respect, and "I’m in the Imperial Palace repair cultural relics" precisely inspired the hearts of young people that "seriously awkward" it was unknown to the public the repair division such the Imperial Palace, now has become a "two dimension" "red", on the Internet can transfer positive energy.

at the beginning of December, BiliBili held in the Imperial Palace movie "I repair cultural relics" creative will meet in Shanghai, the number of fans bursting, the Imperial Palace museum watch repair division Wang Jin became the most popular idol scene. There are more than one hundred users said they took the initiative to participate in the film to raise public investment in personal savings to support the Chinese excellent culture onto the big screen. "The Imperial Palace", one of the film Chupin micro whale smart TV content leader Chen Dai.

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