Picplz will be closed in July 3rd was the biggest rival nstagram


mobile photo sharing application Picplz Bulletin (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Tom) June 4th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, announced the well-known mobile photo sharing application Picplz, Picplz will be closed permanently in July 3rd. It is worth mentioning that, Picplz has been regarded as the industry is the biggest competitor to Instagram, but because Instagram recently Picplz users continue to increase the living space constantly being compressed had made the above decision.

Picplz is to inform the news through the official press release and the way to registered users to send mail, Picplz said in the announcement: "Picplz will be closed permanently on July 3rd, and will delete all user data and photos. Prior to this, users can go to their own page to download photos. Picplz thank you for your continued support and the closure of the station may cause inconvenience to everyone deeply sorry."

Picplz by Dalton · (Dalton Caldwell) and Byron · (Bryan) co founded, designed to simplify the user to share photos of the Internet to the Internet through the process of mobile phones, (Berg). Photos taken by a user using PicPlz will be automatically synchronized to the Picplz user’s home page, and add a location marker. At the same time, users can also be released directly to the photos, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, the photos can also be used for the Foursquare sign. Picplz allows users to focus on other people, this service is very similar to the photo version of Twitter.

to be honest, this move is not surprising Picplz. Because the other photo sharing application Instagram in 2011 began to establish their own industry monopoly, Picplz gradually from the Mixed Media Lab (Mixed Media Labs) spun off as an independent company, which served as director of · Napster, imeem and Ali in mixed media lab; Adair (Ali Aydar) is responsible for the operation. The mixed media lab is engaged in other product development, such as the App.net mobile platform. Since the Instagram landing Android platform, and Facebook to $1 billion after the purchase of a huge amount of money, the gap between Picplz and Instagram has gradually opened, so Picplz announced the closure of the move is not surprising.

Dalton, a member of the board of directors of

Picplz, disclosed that "as a member of the board of directors of the company, I have made a statement to the board of directors."

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