Pass door massage O2O Kung Fu Bear collapse Responded too pull it

main door massage O2O Kung Fu bear

sina science and technology news September 21st afternoon news, pass the door massage O2O Kung Fu B financing financing failure, will collapse. Sina science and technology for the first time linked to the founder and CEO Fu Kung Fu, Wang Run phone call, said: financing failure? It is too much to pull it, what do we need to do it is the attorney letter?

today, some media said: the industry is more well-known platform Kung Fu because of the failure of the B round of financing, or face collapse crisis.

this, the founder of Kung Fu bear Wang Run responded by saying: B round of financing is not really close, but does not mean failure. In addition, the financing is not going to collapse, we do have business adjustments, but also can not allow start-up companies to adjust their business and business adjustment mainly involves sales and administrative personnel."

Wang Run also said it would take legal means to safeguard their rights and interests.

Kung Fu co-founder Meng Junxian was shocked by the rumor: "collapse? But now we are still working properly!"


technology is also linked to a round of investment capital Xiangfeng Kung Fu bear, said Xiang Feng capital Zhao Nan heard the news: "collapse? Funny!"

"financing period, competitors engage each other, from the collapse of very early. Now financing is not normal. The entire O2O are not financing, you just look for a few VC chat to know that O2O is not good melt." Zhao Nan told Sina technology.

It is reported that

, the Kung Fu bear is Beijing science and Technology Co., the company’s products factory, founded in October 2014, the main door and massage of traditional Chinese medicine physical therapy services, was founded by Xianfeng Huaxing million yuan angel investment, November 2014 by Xiangfeng millions of dollars in capital A round of financing. (Lei Gang)

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