Search engine sites engage in pyramid schemes involving up to 300 million

invested thousands of shareholders will be able to become a company every day, click on the ad revenue of $8…… The search engine website "love to" search ", click on the ads in the name, deceive the masses buy membership and pull the head. Do MLM, development downline members of more than 1.3 people, involving up to 300 million yuan. Yesterday, the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau announced that Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other 9 provinces and municipalities of the public security organs unified action, recently successfully destroyed this once again and more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide MLM gang.

MLM leader for foreign Chinese

Haimen, Haian,

only had more than 3 thousand participants in

November 7, 2013, the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau police e website Secretary mail received a letter report. The report said, before a few days the company boss introduced to become a member of the site, was still the boss to help advance the more than 10 thousand yuan, after they suspect it is MLM, want to quit, but the other said not a refund, then ask for help to the public security organs.

police investigation found that love search, the English name is acesse, is a company registered in the United states. The company’s main products are advertising sets. Only after the purchase of the advertising package, in order to become a qualified member of the search for love, access to dealer qualifications, you can do love search advertising package sales promotion.

through a comprehensive study, the economic investigation department to identify the site for MLM website. The police preliminary understanding to the MLM gang in the country’s largest on the line for the Chinese Canadian white one, a number of provinces in the country were members in Haimen, Haian and other places have 3 more than a thousand people to join.

May 26th, a white returned from Canada, the United States to seize the opportunity to mature. June 20th, the police arrested a total of 21 suspects, seized more than 700 yuan of funds involved. Start on the same day, the police task force in Beijing will be mainly a white suspect arrested.

development of more than 1.3 offline

was lured mostly middle-aged women

is reported that a white this year 51 years old, Canadian nationality, former Henan, Zhengzhou. According to his account, he used to work in the Aluminum Inc, after immigration to Canada, in 2008 by a friend to join the search for love, and in March 2012 began to introduce friends and relatives to join the country.

"the pyramid scheme has great temptation and deception." According to the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment Battalion Liu Haibing introduction, was lured into "love search" as a member of the mostly elderly women, do not even know of a network. When some people understand the secret, in order to get back to the cost or money, and did not choose the alarm, but chose to pull the head. More and more deep in their own at the same time, but also led to more and more people to join.

as of the incident, a white Tang Ding, gathered more than 20 MLM backbone members, development downline members more than 1.3 people. Upper >

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