Word of mouth network trap abandoned cast storm three major food and beverage companies still hold p

analysts pointed out that most of the well-known catering enterprises should not see before word-of-mouth network prospects, rush to choose "stand in"

dining as an excellent entry into the local life, attracted the Internet giants have layout. With the merger of the U.S. group public and Tencent, "new" capital (i.e. after the merger of the U.S. group and the public comment) news, Alibaba to enable the reputation of this platform. And invited the catering industry three big sea fishing, Xibei village and grandma "endorsement": a high-profile conference held claiming that these three catering enterprises will stake word-of-mouth network.

how, less than a month’s time, Xibei village CEO but Jia Guolong told the media that, want to give up the investment network of word-of-mouth, grandma, grandma’s restaurant chain founder chairman Wu Guoping also admitted to private investment, the remaining lead sea fishing CEO Zhang Yong is not clear.

however, word-of-mouth network responsible person to accept the Securities Daily "reporter interview but did not recognize the above statement, said the three catering enterprises specific shares issues are still in the process of negotiations, there is no" abandoned investment ".

for this reason, the Securities Daily reporters were contacted Jia Guolong, Wu Guoping and Zhang Yong, I hope they can do a clear response, but as of press time, the reporter has not yet received a reply.

platform and

business divisions looming

in November 17th, in the "word-of-mouth ecology food summit", Chinese word-of-mouth network announced three catering chain brand, sea fishing, grandmother, Xibei village, will jointly invest in shares of word-of-mouth network. According to word of mouth network said, at present, the parties have reached a depth of strategic cooperation, and reached a clear intention on the issue of shares".

reputation in the mouth of the food and beverage ecological summit site, Zhang Yong, chairman of the sea fishing company, said the future of the food and beverage industry, more and more personalized front-end, but the back-end will certainly become more standardized, unified. In the back end management, hope to accumulate the experience of many years of experience, and peers to share these capabilities to help them in the management of detours".

Sibelius catering group chairman Jia Guolong said, Sibelius has been to the user experience as the core of the restaurant. Strategic cooperation with the word of mouth platform, you can combine the ability of the Internet to provide users with a more comprehensive, high-quality dining experience.

, founder of grandma grandmother food chain chairman Wu Guoping also said that with the catering industry and the Internet is an inevitable trend, "the Internet of things should be made by the Internet to solve, catering businesses is responsible to prepare for each dish, such cooperation, there should be a solution to the ecological. Word of mouth can help us take the ecological circle, let people return attention to the ingenuity of the delicacy food."

but less than a month, the seemingly good style suddenly changed, some of the media reports, Xibei village CEO Jia Guolong in an interview made it clear that it will give up investment.

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