Xu Jun 360 acquisition domain 360 com n fact this is the case

renamed China (eName.cn) February 3rd news, last night, the 360 spent nearly billion price from the overseas giants who purchase the domain name 360.com watta harvest news spread throughout the domain name and the micro-blog Investment Forum, the circle of friends. The sudden news shocked everyone, but overnight, the news came from the source of the big brother Xu Jun actually told us that this is not the case, the truth is what kind of



figure: Xu Jun circle of friends

According to

chiefs Xu Jun said, "in fact, the thing is, last night, not happy, silently the group name changed to 360, the others is very confused, I just said the domain name whois state OK, it caused many to speculate, it spread into it". If the brother said, so this news is just a unhappy Cause "mistake".

but the chiefs also said, "360 has been very hard to buy this domain, the change of whois is likely to be really trading" that undoubtedly let down in a white happy investors see hope, maybe 360.com really has been secretly trading.

360 acquisition of 360.com?


really deal, who will be the big buyers? It will be Qihoo 360? According to Xu Jun said, can pay big bucks to buy the domain name of two person, 360 or 360 competitors. It was outside of the 360 person, the acquisition of a domain name 360.com and Vodafone contact, 3 years of negotiations, but failed to do so, let dove Vodafone many times, finally turned down an offer of $14 million.

as everyone knows, the 360 companies had to buy 360.com a deal with Vodafone contacts, but Vodafone offer $2 million stake in +5%, Zhou Hongyi tangled one after, or give up. I did not expect the original Zhou Hongyi to give up, his competitors have moved to 360.com. If the Vodafone offer is too high, it may be because of a domain name and the tear forced wars.

competitors eyeing 360.com?

360 competitors had intended to buy expensive 360.com? Baidu Tencent? There is speculation that Baidu, "is likely to be found in the 360 competitors ready to, Zhou Hongyi teeth bought it for it is not impossible, but this is just speculation.".



In addition

, domain name investors Muji in this morning news "360 purchase of 360.com is a misunderstanding, the buyer is not Baidu, always the biggest pain friends, twist (Ma Huateng) reportedly bought". Of course we can’t do it now

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