Website trading business platform with potential business platform came into being

China Internet forecasting at the end of this year to become the world’s first broadband power network, users will surpass the United States, with about 10000000 annual growth rate of people, the number of sites is about 1 million 300 thousand, the site every day to thousands of speed growing out of network coverage, China is only three per cent, to explore the potential, personal webmaster has become one of the most important groups Chinese Internet construction, popularization of their efforts on the development of Internet has a great contribution to the formation of.

domestic network industry a pleased phenomenonWith the popularity of

and the number of Internet users and improve the website construction technology, the number of domestic websites overnight surge, according to a survey without the website users have eighty per cent will build your personal web site or blog in the last three months, driven by IDC, webmaster website advertising industry chain, but also stimulate domestic development the internet. From no such investigation, the stationmaster spent money to build their own website, how to earn money, hard to bring traffic promotion is far less than the costs of their domain name space, finally chose to give up and down.
        many enterprises do a new website, 3-5 months from the planning to build, cost tens of thousands, and the purchase of the same type of effect of the site, as long as hundreds to thousands, saving cost of the highest number of ten times, in time also reduced the exploration and production process, many commercial enterprises, Internet companies are also in the most short time to build a network, on the other hand, experienced personal webmaster, can also build a number of industry websites and entertainment web sites, the cost is very low, will IP in hundreds to thousands of websites can be packaged in 10 thousand shot. Adsense network trading platform  less than half a year, but also to help nearly a thousand owners of buyers sellers contributed to the transaction, the transaction amount is also more than 5 million yuan. More and more hot atmosphere, the current professional type of domestic website trading platform has more than 10. Market prospects.

" remember two years ago, due to personal working relationships, their design and operation for nearly three years the site ended, the site was very fortunate, with ten thousand yuan price to sell a company bought, did not let me three years of effort from a cast to the wind, his own experience, let me now to start their own germination of the website operators trading platform, help as I used to like the webmaster, solve their website sale service, I was also the future personal website will be more and more, more and more powerful, is still not broken." this is the website of information network founder said to me a word.
            at present, the main factors affecting the personal website transactions are several aspects. 1  domain name transfer difficult, domain name >

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