The charm of Chen Yizhou campus website

      was born in Wuhan in 1964, 1993 obtained a master of engineering degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in 1995 after entering the United States AluTech company (Altec), head of North Asia affairs; in 1997 into the Stanford University business school to study MBA, a former Chinese network CEO / Chairman, senior vice president of Sohu, the Thousand Oaks Interactive Group CEO / chairman.

      the most recent period, the domestic media coverage of many of the Facebook, and Microsoft, Google and Amazon’s acquisition of Facebook rumors are endless. It seems that the moment, through the ocean side of the Facebook, we are aware of the value of the campus website.

      from the history of the Internet, the campus network has played a huge role from the beginning. In 1969, ARPA (U.S. Department of Defense Research Projects Agency) will connect the 4 universities in the southwestern United States 4 main computer, the formation of Internet prototype, network game and Internet search engine is from the development of the campus network and the rapid growth of.

      campus network has almost become the driving force behind the development of the global Internet, it is full of vitality and creativity, like Facebook, now has the potential to become the next Google. Because the campus network is full of such a huge charm, it has the user is so full of potential, so do a leading campus site also means unparalleled business opportunities. I think a lot of senior advertising experts can tell the significance of student groups, whether it is the awareness of the brand, the impact of social trends, or a huge potential consumption…… This is one of the reasons why I always insist on doing the campus website.

      in China, if the remote login is the first generation of campus BBS, then ChinaRen and 5460 alumni is the second generation of the campus website, the difference lies in that the former is the school to communicate with the school as the center, which is based on class as the center of the communication between the students. In other words, if you want to know the students around, can only be limited to the class or most of the school, because other schools or classes are basically closed mode, do not welcome the school or the staff to join. The third generation is the campus SNS website, it is to encourage individual users as the center, you can according to their own preferences to set up small circle around the college all over the country to discuss the convening of a topic, can also set up a class, the class as a center to discuss around the size of things, these interactions, not because the areas and classes restricted, very high degree of freedom. It is because of the different characteristics of the above products, the user viscosity and reputation have been far more than the previous two generations of products.


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